Delivery Steel Taping Machine to Thailand

Post time: Jun-25-2021

This is the 07th cooperation with the customer in Thailand, we do business with each other for the project--steel taping machine this time.

We received inquiry from our customer on 25th, August 2020. Our technical department supply technical document according to our customer’s requirement. And then we spent 5 months time to discuss their technical questions. At last, we received purchase order with 2 whole steel taping machine line on 08th, Dec 2020.

The steel taping machine they order including following items, but different line direction.
1 set PN1250/2500 portal rail type passive pay off
1 set Center device
1 set Φ800 semi cut steel tape taping head(with quick adjustment # frame)
1 set Φ600 semi cut Non-metallic taping head(with quick adjustment # frame)
1 set Meter counter
1 set Pneumatic type belt caterpillar
1 set Take up guider
1 set PN1250/2500 portal type rail take up
1 set Electric operation station

Steel Taping Machine

Steel Tape Armoring Machine

We are loading all cargo into container today, it need 2*40HQ+1*20GP container to ship all the cargo. You can see some pictures as below. Our machine design is modern and looks stronger.

Packing the steel tape armoring machine and ready to ship

We also received an order of jelly applicator from the customer this Monday and have arranged production already, the jelly applicator used in their stranding line and sheathing line to produce communication cables. I think we both will have more cooperation and our relationship will be more tight.

At last, if you have any inquiry on cable machines, kindly let me know. LINT TOP are always your best choice.