Dispatch 298pcs of ABS bobbins to Vietnam

Post time: Jan-22-2021
ABS bobbins (1)
ABS bobbins (2)

(298pcs of ABS bobbins)

LINT TOP dispatched the 298pcs of ABS bobbins in a 20GP container from China last week. This order confirmation from our friend in Vietnam. This order contains 200 pcs of PN560A ABS bobbins and 98 pcs of PN800B ABS bobbins. This package of bobbins will be used in the 630 bunching machine and 800 buncher.
We first met this customer in 2019, they want PN630B ABS Bobbin. We talked about the quality of the bobbins, confirmed the bobbin drawing, delivery time, quality guarantee, etc. After deep discussion, our customer is very satisfied with our products and us. Then our customer places a trial order of bobbin sample for better guarantee. The reason that LINT TOP can get the order is that our bobbin samples passed the customers’ strict testing, including: Appearance, inner width, whole length, axle hole, etc.
Now back to this order, because of our high quality and excellent service, it only takes a few days for the customer to place the order and complete the payment. And because of our strong production capacity, excellent scheduling ability, it only takes two weeks for us to complete the production of ABS bobbins.
After the production is completed, we immediately arrange the booking and quickly send the bobbin to Ho Chi Minh Port in Vietnam. And our customer will get the bobbins soon.
Following are some bobbin photos for your reference:

ABS reel (1)
ABS reel (2)
ABS reel (3)
ABS reel (4)