Dispatch of Bobbins and Cold Welders to Brazil

Post time: Aug-03-2020

The order of bobbins and cold welders were confirmed on Jan 15th 2020 by Induscabos from Brazil. It is the second time for this client to buy this type of bobbins and cold welders from us. The whole order includes the following products:
1. Corrugated bobbin PN1250: 5 pcs
2. Corrugated bobbin PN1600: 15 pcs
3. Double layer high speed bobbin PND630: 64 pcs
4. Electrical pump TEP-700B: 3 pcs
5. Hydraulic crimping FYQ-400: 1 pc
6. Cold welder L4-A: 8 sets
7. Double hole dies for L4-A cold welder: 18 pairs
8. Single hole dies for L4-A cold welder: 32 pairs
9. High pressure and temperature sensor: 3 pcs


The corrugated bobbins PN1250 are used for extruding line with max. speed 1000 m/min. According to our strict inspection requirements, we did all the dynamic balance test for bobbins. So after the production of corrugated bobbins PN1250 finished, we did the dynamic balance test for these corrugated bobbins PN1250, with which the test result is grade G40.
The corrugated bobbins PN1600 are used for bunching machine, the max. line speed is 200 m/min. The dynamic balance test of these corrugated bobbins are also processed with grade G40.
The double layer high speed bobbins PND630 are used in copper wire, aluminum /aluminum alloy wire drawing machine, the max. speed is 35 m/s. The dynamic balance test of these high speed bobbins PN630 is grade G16.
A 40HQ container is required for loading the cargo. Now these cargo have already arrived at client’s factory. They are very satisfied with these bobbins.


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