Dispatch of Buncher to Algeria

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The stranding machines purchased by the Algeria customer have been checked out and ready to be packed.These stranding machines ,LT-630 and LT-1000, are included in high-speed stranding machine series .
This series of stranding machines have high rotating speed,and the maximum speed can be up to 2000rmp.The spindle is lubricated with thin oil and cooled natural, which also has automatic oil level alarm.This design can reduce the machine temperature and noise, and extend machine trouble-free lifetime. Over-wire system of high-speed series is directly connected to the spindle guide wheel with a bow belt ,which can reduce scratching and jumping of the strand.Use of the magnetic clutch can automatically track and control the winding-up tension, and make the winding-up tension to be uniform from the wire reel bottom to the maximum excircle.The machine also adopt electromagnetic brake, it will automatically brake to stop the machine in case of any internal.
LINTTOP also provides many different series of stranding machine including rigid frame strander with independent driven system,bow twister, concentric stranding machine,planetary strander,high speed double twist buncher and so on.If you are interested.Please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Apr-27-2018
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