Dispatch of Full-automatic Centrifugal Separator to Bahrain

Post time: Jan-25-2021
Full-automatic Centrifugal Separator

Full-automatic Centrifugal Separator

We have received the new order of fully automatic centrifugal separator from another Bahrain from in November in 2020.
This customer’s factory mainly produces aluminum products, and a lot of aluminum powder is produced every day. The semi-automatic separator can not perfectly solve the separation of aluminum powder and the efficiency is not high. So the customers want to solve the problem through our strength.
According to the daily aluminum powder output requirements provided by the customer, we introduced our mature product to them: LT300 automatic separator.
The full-automatic centrifugal separator separates the aluminum powder in the aluminum wire drawing oil, and continuously separates the residue, which has a higher working efficiency, so that there is no problem of unclean filtration.
In addition, the separated aluminum powder is dried, and the oil content in the aluminum powder is 1% ~ 3%, and other oil can continue to be recycled.
The circulation volume is 6000 liters in 1 hour, and at least 200 kg of aluminum powder can be separated in 8 hours one day.
The dispatch photos for your reference:

fully aluminum powder automatic centrifuge
fully aluminum powder automatic centrifuge

This equipment can also be used for aluminum slag and suspended oxides in aluminum wire drawing machine oil; Automatic discharge without manual intervention. It has the function of emulsifying slag removal.

The feature of the equipment is that the customer only need to set the operating parameters and start, automatically stop. No manual intervention is required to remove slag and maintain the separation tank; the whole machine has no consumables.

The customer reviewed our quotation many times, also had many technical exchanges with us.
Finally, they are convinced by our equipment technology and operational effects to purchase our LT300 automatic separator.

Now that the equipment has arrived at the customer's factory, after a simple instruction, the equipment has been running normally in the customer's factory.
The customer is very satisfied with the running condition of our fully automatic separator, and thank us very much for providing them with such an efficient equipment.
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