In October of 2018, we dispatched horizontal enameling machine for our Algerian customer. With 9 years of continuous development in wire and cable field, LINT TOP is the reliable partner of several reputable wire and cable manufactures for their manufacturing needs in Algeria.

LINT TOP offers suitable enameling machine with the industry’s demand for high efficient machines. The versatile machine is suitable for copper wire range from 0.30mm to 0.80mm. To ensure high quality of continuous usage, LINT TOP focuses on selection of material and highly experienced team of technicians and engineers. Moreover, the oven adopts PLC control system to reduce labor costs. In addition, the equipment can be self corrected without operators’ adjustment.
The advantages of horizontal enameling machine spread beyond the performance of the equipment. PLC control program achieves stable oven performance which is not affected by occasional wire breakage by controlling four main control points of the oven. Here is the link of video: horizontal enameling machine if you are interested om it. 


(Horizontal enameling machine)

Technology in the workplace is as much about power and control as it is about productivity and efficiency. For our customers, quality is an essential factor not only because failure of wire can lead to loss of reputation, but also because of the big loss. LINT TOP always adheres to bringing high quality products to our customers. 

Post time: Oct-25-2018
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