Inspected the Drum Twister Laying Up Machine

Post time: Sep-10-2021

Drum twister laying up machine is widely used in the production of power cables. The production range is wide and the efficiency is high. The drum twister production line can be equipped with corresponding equipment to complete non-metal wrapping, steel belt and steel wire armor, etc.

The Drum Twister to be shipped this time includes a central pay-off rack, four rotary pay-off racks, rotary traction, non-metal wrapping, steel wire armor, etc. After long-term technical discussions and functional requirements put forward by customers, the composition of the production line is finally determined. In the final stage of the project, the customer established a special project team to select high-quality suppliers. Due to the good reputation of LINT TOP machines and our high-quality professional services, the final customer chooses our LINT TOP as the supplier. LINT TOP adheres to the consistent high-quality route, and is sure to provide all reasonable conveniences in the development of customers.

Now, the drum twister is ready to dispatch. We are confident that it will bring greater economic benefits to customer in the near future.

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