LINT TOP in Düsseldorf International Wire and Cable Trade Fair

On April 20th, the Düsseldorf International Wire and Cable Trade Fair was successfully concluded at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center. This exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition of advanced wires and cables equipments.LINT TOP has attracted numerous exhibitors to stop and consult with its excellent technical standards and excellent service.
LINT TOP supply top quality production machines, test equipments, accessories and materials. We also provide technical assistance including installation, trail running, trainning operators and trouble shooting. Particularly, we can also work on a ‘TURN KEY’ basis, from material and equipment supply to production and final test, in which case we will provide the whole solution for different wires and cables.
At the exhibition site, we received customers from different countries. Discussed cooperation projects with key customers and reached cooperation intentions. During the exhibition, LINT TOP representatives visited overseas famous manufacturers booths for study and collected industry development information, quality and top equipments. LINT TOP is committed to providing customers with the highest quality equipment and solutions.In recent years, LINT TOP has continuously improved its professional skills, expanded new fields and provided customers with excellent services. LINT TOP focuses on the expansion of fiber optic cable projects and the recycling of used materials, which is in line with the development trend of the industry and the mainstream awareness of green environmental protection.
LINT TOP has achieved long-term development in the wire and cable equipment industry in recent years.LINTTOP market share in the world has steadily risen globally, with the rapid growth of the Latin American, Asian and African markets and the rapid growth of eastern North American market development.Thanks to the frequent customers for its products and service recognition, and new customers for its brand awareness to enhance trust and deepen.
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Post time: Apr-28-2018
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