LINT TOP In Istanbul Tube, Wire Fair

Fair News--LINT TOP attended the International Istanbul Tube, Wire Fair from 28 February to 02 March. In recent years, attending different exhibitions provide so many opportunities for us. For example, this fair, our Chinese traditional decoration attracted many friends and this fair develops a deeper ties with our strategic customers.

Our promoted equipment in this exhibition: Full wire drawing machine including multiwire drawing machine and RBD machine with individual drivers which can save 20% than gear type, full auto-matic coiling/binding/shrinking line  and  data cable production line, full optical fiber production line including coloring and rewinding line, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line and sheathing line in addition to our high voltage test equipment.


(Our Colleagues In Fair)

Furthermore, we are focusing on research about customers needs. And LINT TOP will still attend Brazil exhibition in the second half of 2019. LINT TOP will use its high earning power and ability to reinvent itself to create customer value. LINT TOP continues to develop ultra-high equipment for contributing to wire & cable and society globally.


At LINT TOP, we provide service in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With great sales 

performance, our employees connect with customers all around the world. Learn more about LINT TOP’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at or on Twitter @cablelinttop or on Facebook @Lint Top.

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Ashley Yin


Post time: Mar-04-2019
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