Lint Top Installs LT630 Bunching Machine

Post time: Jul-24-2020

In July, LINT TOP has finished another installation of our LT630 bunching machine in Algeria. Our clients are very satisfied with its quality.
The following are the factory pictures and videos of this production line.

LT630 Bunching Machine with 56 Heads Static Plate Pay-off

56 Heads Static Plate Pay-off

LT630 Bunching Machine

LT630 Bunching Machine with 56 Heads Static Plate Pay-off

The machine is used for the multistrand twisting of bare copper, coated tin, coated silver, copper-clad aluminium wire, enamelled wire, and other special alloy wires. Regular twisted wires can be done by this buncher instead by stranding machine.
Our clients specifically want to manufacture class 5 flexible conductors with a cross section of 1.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2 and single wire diameter range φ0.18 mm- φ0.68 mm. The bobbin size of pay off is 400mm.
With above information, we have meeting with our engineer. Finally we supposed that 56 heads static plate pay-off for the bunching. Beside,the vertical pay-off will be suitable when the pay-off bobbin size is 200mm.

LT630 Bunching Machine with 56 Heads Static Plate Pay-off-1(LT 630 Bunching Machine)

Why our bunching machine get very strong reputation from our clients?
The max.rotation speed of twisted bow can reach 2000 RPM.
The bearings of whole machine adopt NSK brand bearings imported from JAPAN. Control screen adopt SIEMENS Smart 700.
PLC is SIEMENS S7-200 programmable controller.
Quality is always our preferred, as well as our perfect pre-sale and after-sale service team!

In May, we delivered the bunching from our factory with the very safe packing.
Also when we load it, our workers are very honour to do that.Because our LINT TOP brand machine were sent to oversea market once more. LINT TOP always with you. May the world with light and connected everywhere.

Written by Rosie