Lint Top Installs the 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine

Post time: Sep-28-2019

Lint top has finished installation and commissioning of the 1250/1+1+3 cradle type laying-up machine which is used for cabling and taping and armoring power cable of 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, “4+1”cores, “3+2”cores in September.

Φ800 Steel Tape Armoring Machine(Φ800 Steel Tape Armoring Machine)

This installation and commissioning, carried out by our engineers, is the vital preparation for the cable processing. The max diameter after cabling is Φ65mm, the rotating speed of cage is between 10.9r/min and 26r/min and it was equipped with step-less pitch. 1+1+3 cage is composed of Φ1250 bobbin carrier, Φ1250 bobbin carrier with bow and Φ1250/3B cage, driven by individual motor and controlled by frequency converter, left and right rotation is available.

The Inspection and Commissioning of 12501+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine(The Inspection and Commissioning of 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine)

Equipped with left and right rotation function, which can strand round cable with back-twist and sector cable stranding without back-twist. The bearing for the main shaft of cage is from SKF, other bearings are from HRB, ZWZ and LYC products.

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