Necessary Reels, Testing Equipment for Your Cable Factory

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In the entire production process of wire and cable, the spools are indispensable as a tool for carrying conductors, insulated core wires, cable cores, finished cables, etc. The spools have many types for different usage, such as double layer higher speeds spools, corrugated steel spools, ABS spools, etc. As the top1 wire&cable turnkey projects expert, LINT TOP has has the most comprehensive service.
Beside of the spools, there are corresponding testing equipment provided in accordance with the testing standards required by the customer, such as voltage testing equipment, fire resistance testing equipment, tensile testing machines, etc.
As mentioned above, whether the spools or the test machines that has corresponding models for different usage conditions. To choose suitable the spools or the test machine, it requests the professional technology. And technical support is our advantage. After analyzing the customer’s needs, we provided our proposal. The customer compares our quotation proposal with other suppliers, and finally customer chooses our LINT TOP as the supplier. LINT TOP adheres to the consistent high-quality route, and is sure to provide all reasonable conveniences in the development of customers.
Now the spools and test machines are on the way to the customer. We are confident that it will bring greater economic benefits to customer in the near future.

Reel reel-2

(Testing the reels)

pack reel into container test

(Packed the bobbins and fire resistance testing equipment)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need the best service and best technical supplier for wire/cable machinery. Your short message maybe means a lot for your business. LINT TOP will serve you wholeheartedly. Here is the picture wire and cable testing equipment for shipping:

pack the cargoes