New Order for LAN Cable Machines from Turkey

Post time: Jul-01-2022   View: 23

We are so glad to share that we received a new order from our Turkey customer for Lan cable machines: 4 sets 630mm double twist machine and 1 set 1000mm single twist cabling machine. The customer is the biggest Lan cable factory in Turkey country, we thanks for their trust and believable.

pair twisting machine

Firstly, we received inquiry from their CEO on 22th, Feb, 2022. They require model 630mm for double twist machine and model 1000mm for single twist machine, that is advanced model. LINT TOP with much experience on the advanced model machine especially to prodce Cat 7, Cat7A, Cat8 etc cables.

We both have deep discussion on the technical parameters after we sent technical offer to them, we discussed each point one by one. Our customer need the motor must be Siemens brand, low voltage electrical appliances must be Schinder brand, bearing must be NSK brand etc. It must be servo mian motor in 1000mm single twist cabling machine.

Based on our standard machine configuration, our customers also require us to add another meter counter in the machine line, add Vibration sensor on single twisting take up etc. At last, we design the machine according to our customer’s requirement.

Our customer also require lead time for these machines Max. 75 days. Our production team always work overtime to catch the time.

Before order confirmation and make 30% advance payment, the customer also verified the authenticity of our company, we supplied our business license, Registration and make several video call.

Our customers are much strict on machine quality, they require highest quality machine from China, that is why we both have cooperation at last. LINT TOP always consider quality and service firstly.

We will produce the machine line according to per of their requirement. In the middle of July, the 03rd party will come to our factory to help our customer inspect their machine before delivery.

At last, thank you again for our customer’s trust. We will do our best to service them better.