Online Face-to-Face

Post time: Aug-16-2021

With the spread of the new round of COVID19 epidemic, the flow of people and commercial trade between countries have encountered serious challenges. LINT TOP, the turnkey project and cable machines solution supplier, made a careful arrangements for online video commissioning work for that our customer's equipment could not be carried out the onsite commissioning work. With face to face video conference, we can conduct commissioning guidance, training and technical Q&A with customers simultaneously, so that the equipment purchased by customers can operate in time and bring benefits to them.

At present, the following machines had already been finished the commissioning: The whole series of wire drawing machines, stranding machines like bunching machine, bow strander, the whole series of extrusion machines, PVC pelletizing production line. And now the complex equipment which are undergoing online commissioning: Skin-foam-skin production line, drum twister.

At the same time, LINTTOP is training local engineers in order to provide onsite commissioning services to our customers. Through the above actions, the difficulties caused by the epidemic to customers are alleviated and our customers can recover their production capability as soon as possible to achieve rapid development under the epidemic.