RBD Machine with Individual Drivers

RBD machine with individual drivers is purchased by our Algerian customer in his whole factory project. 

Our old friends bought LT-13M Aluminum & Aluminum alloy type which is suitable for EC-AI wire and alloy-AI wire. The drawing wheels are arranged horizontally and drawing oil is fully immersed. Each drawing wheel is driven by independent servo motor.

In general, it can draw both round wires and irregular wires. In addition, using individual motor drive technology, the quick die change system doesn’t need change all the dies in working but only the final one.


Why RBD machine with individual drivers? 

High efficient and Saving energy 20% than gear type.  


Available models

LT-9M, LT-11M, LT-13M and we also have 5 dies and 7 dies type for you.  

RBD Machine with Individual Drivers


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Official Contact:

Ashley Yin




Post time: May-29-2019
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