Ship the LT1246 Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine to South Africa

Post time: Sep-17-2021

Recently, LINT TOP just dispatch the cable packaging: LT1246 Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine to its destination: SOUTH AFRICA. In order to meet the needs of the special cable produced by our customer, the inner diameter of the coiling machine is required to be changed from the normal 140 mm to 180 mm.

This packaging production line which used for cable automatic coiling of Φ2.5mm-Φ6.0mm cables and automatic binding and automatic labeling machine is composed of

*1250 Power pay-off machine
*Vertical accumulator frame
*1246 Automatic coiling machine
*Automatic strapping machine (Inner ring: two rope)
*Automatic full sealing machine
*Thermal shrink packaging machine

LT1246 Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine

(LT1246 Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine)

Speaking of the cooperation between LINT TOP and our customers, we started the connect from 2016 and we have personally visited our client in South Africa in August 2019. Time does not diminish our friendship, it only strengthens it. Both of us look forward to more cooperation in the future.

1250 Power Pay-off and Coiling Machine

(1250 Power Pay-off and Coiling Machine)

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