Successful Commissioning of F2Q Cable Laser Marking Machine

Post time: Mar-05-2021

Last week, LINT TOP’ engineers finished the installation and commissioning of F20Q fiber type laser marking machine in Algeria. Our customer is mainly produce the electrical power cables. Before the installation, our engineers have installed and adjusted several sets of laser marking machine. So with the skilled experience, the whole commissioning process only takes two days to complete. Our customer and engineers faced the messy code in the first day and then our engineer solved the problem and the machine can successfully run the marking application in the next day and our customer expressed their satisfaction with the marking effect.

Here are the real site commissioning pictures of laser marking machine for your reference:

Cable Laser Marking Machine
Cable Laser Marking Machine
Cable Laser Marking Machine

(Cable Laser Marking Machine)

If you want the real site commissioning video, please click the Youtube link:

As the fiber type laser marking machine, it has features of no ink and free maintenance, free from outside environment, stable mode, fine effect. This F20Q is suitable for black PE, TPE, PVC, nylon, low smoke free halogen and metal cable. The marking speed of F20Q laser marking machine is 60 m/min in double-line word and 120 m/min in single-line word.

Nowadays, the machine is running in the whole factory and if you are looking for the CO2 and UV type, you also can click our official page to find the best model for your factory: