Successful Online Inspection of Rod Breakdown Machine

Post time: Nov-15-2021   View: 134

Great news from our sales deparment!

LINT TOP just finished the online inspection of rod breakdown with our customers. They are very satisfied with the final inspection result.


Following are the more details and pics of Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy Rod Breakdown Machine:

This is Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy Rod Breakdown Machine, features are:
1. For drawing pure aluminum and 6XXX series aluminum alloy rod
2. Max. Inlet wire diameter: 9.5mm
3. Outlet wire diameter: Pure aluminum: 1.69-4.5mm
Aluminum alloy: 2.2-4.2mm
4. Max. mechanical speed: 1500m/min
5. Quick drawing die changing system. The users only need one set of drawing dies and adjust the last drawing die to produce wires within the outlet wire specifications.
6. The touch screen with the function of calculating the drawing dies series displays the main production parameters.
7. The touch screen collects and displays the actual production parameters of the entire production, the mode management of the production line, the operating instructions and the fault indication of the equipment.
8. High speed semi-automatic dual type take-up.