Testing the Cable Laser Marking Machines at Prysmian Group Factory

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LINT TOP came to the Prysmian Group company to complete the special installation and commissioning for the cable laser marking machine they bought from us. The marking effect are very satisfactory and the cable printing effect is very good.
Prysmian is one of our long-term customers all the time. To show our respect, Mr. Gordon, our deputy general manager, accompanied the staff throughout the real-time test of the cable making production line today.

Some information about the testing cable and performance:
*UV type cable laser maeking machine
**The cable materials: orange LSZH
**Marking speed: 100m/min (UV type)

Youtube video link, please click: https://youtu.be/6HRrGvxKgNI


Mr. Gprdon & UV type Cable Laser Marking  Machine


cable laser marking effect
cable laser marking effect

Marking Performance on Wire and Cable