The After-sales Service, The Other Strong Point of LINT TOP

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The order is delivered, the service is completed... mission accomplished? Not quite ! The customer relationship does not stop there and LINT TOP CABLE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. understood it very well.

After-sales service is of major importance to LINT TOP.


LINT TOP devotes a large part of its budget to providing exemplary quality service in this strategic area for our company.

LINT TOP has understood very well that .

The quality of after-sales service has an important influence on the customer's purchase decision, especially for large purchases, i.e. turnkey projects for which LINT TOP is considered the leader of this field in terms of solutions related to the production of cables with equipment of Chinese origin.

To sum it all up in one sentence: LINT TOP customers are not just buying a product, they are also buying a service.

Moreover, the competition is getting fierce in almost every industry and nowadays only the right product is not enough. To build customer loyalty and attract new customers, it is necessary to attach great importance to after-sales service and this is what LINT TOP does:

1- Build customer loyalty

The members of LINT TOP are continuously available and attentive to customer expectations, the latter feel valued. This creates a climate of trust and lasting loyalty.

2- Keeping our brand image

The positive brand image of LINT TOP improves the marketing of our products and services.

Good after-sales service is beneficial to our company as our satisfied customers will only speak well of our company, spread our qualities by word of mouth, this is how LINT TOP is gaining more and more notoriety.

3- Prospect new customers

Our customers satisfied with our after-sales service talk about us and make the qualities of our products and our services heard by other players in the field, therefore their opinions on our offers will be taken into account more, much more than any advertising.

The quality after-sales service of LINT TOP contributes to having new and loyal customers. .

4- Make profit

It is known that it is much more expensive for any company to sell its products to a new customer than to a regular customer. After-sales service is de facto a good solution to keep customers. LINT TOP understood this very well.

Indeed, having confidence in our company, the customer will be easily tempted to use our services and buy our products. This technique, when it is of high quality and effective, generates turnover and reduces advertising expenses.

5- Know the expectations of customers

The ability to communicate well gives confidence and remains one of the keys to the quality of our after-sales service. By staying in constant contact with customers, allows LINT TOP to know their various expectations, all their concerns, all their problems and also their suggestions.

It also greatly helps to improve the organization of LINT TOP.

Internally, this is an essential element that leads us to put in place effective policies.

For all this, the constant improvement of the after-sales service of LINT TOP is a clear and definitive objective in our marketing policy.

For LINT TOP its after-sales service is a real driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to this, it is a real marketing showcase for our brand, not only in relation to our many customers, but also in relation to our competitors.

By way of example, the figures produced by our company LINT TOP only for the Algerian market speak for themselves, more than 60 production lines of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage electric cables sold without counting auxiliary equipment and control equipment :

LINT TOP extruding machine Coiling Machine 134c8468

High Speed Insulation Extrusion Line. Rigid Frame Strander

1250 bunching machine, PE smooth pipe extrusion line , PP PE high speed single wall corrugate pipe production line, 65/132 Conical twin screw extruder, SHRL-300/600 high speed heating/cooling Mixer, Z17/T2000/K200/S630 Intermediate drawing machine with annealer and spooler, XTD22 fine wire drawing machine, 16 Spindles high-speed braiding machine, 24 Spindles high-speed braiding machine, φ1000mm payoff/takeup , Double head doubling machine without payoff , JGG 630 1+6 tubular strander , 1600-1+5 bow type strander , SJ90 sheathing line, Electrical heating aging treatment furnace, 1600 rewinding line, 1+6+12/630 frame rigid strander, Al alloy rod breakdown machine , recycling machine and balling machine , copper rod continuous casting and rolling line with 30T stationary reverberatory furnace , 630 Dual head motorized pay off , Copper Rod Breakdown Machine , LTC-300L CO2 laser marking machine , XTD22 fine wire drawing machine with annealer , 630mm buncher with 84 heads fly pay-off , LT800 high speed double twister buncher with 80 heads fly pay-off , 1250MM type twist buncher with 7 heads 630/800 motorized payoff , 70+35 high speed extrusion line , 1246 Automatic coiling machine, copper extrusion ligne, vertical line for enamelled wires, horizontal line for enamelled wires, drum twister, auxiliary extruders, wrapping machines, copper upcast line etc...

All this very wide range of production equipment sold and which includes all the stages of the manufacturing processes of the various types of copper and aluminum electric cables of low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage and very high voltage , namely from the wire drawing operation, through the extrusion operation, to the finished products, show the efficiency of the system adopted by LINT TOP.

Our regular customers can rest easy, LINT TOP will always be with them.

As for our new customers, LINT TOP welcomes them, they are in good hands, they will not be disappointed.

The slogan of our company LINT TOP will always be LIGHTING AND CONNECTING THE WORLD, we work for it.