The Copper Wire Recycling Machine Has Been Delivered

Post time: Nov-20-2020

We are very glad to share with you a good news that we have just finished the production of the copper wire recycling machine and arranged the shipment successfully.
Back to the order itself, we got the inquiry from our customer at the end of July, and made a detailed technical offer the next day. In the discussion stage, we have given detailed answers to customer's questions about the composition, capacity and configuration of the equipment, this ensured no any doubts with our customer. We got the order confirmation at the beginning of August, and finished the production with 50 days. Together with the production line, our customer also ordered 2 sets of wire stripping machines and 1 set of laser printer in a 40HQ container.
The characteristics of the LT-1000 copper wire recycling machine can not only deal with thick wires, but also the very thin wires. This production line includes shredder, crusher, fan conveyor, vibrating screen, pulse dust removing, electrostatic separation and electrical control system. The waster cables or wires will become plastic pellets and copper particles after been crushed. The mixed will jump and move ahead like wave type on the vibrating screen mesh surface. With airflow function and screen box straight shock excitation, the sheath and core will be separated, and get copper particles, plastic pellets and mixture from different outlet areas. The steel will be suctioned by magnetic and dust goes to dust collector through air pipe.
Following are some pictures for you to understand the process flow of the production line:

Process Flow

Here are some photos when loading into the container:

loading pictures (1)
loading pictures (2)
loading pictures (3)
loading picture

The container will arrive to the destination port of Skikda, Algeria 30 days later. To ensure the safety of our machines during the sea transportation, we have done a lot of measures for product packaging and container reinforcement.
When the machines arrive at the factory, we will help our customer to arrange the installation and commissioning. After that, our customers can proceed with normal production as soon as possible. During the production with this machine, no matter what problems our customer will face, we are duty-bound to provide our support. That’s what LINT TOP are for!