The Dispatch of Cradle Type Laying-up Machine

On 19th , April, LINT TOP dispatched the cradle type laying-up machine which is mainly used for cabling and taping and armoring power cable of 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, “4+1”cores, “3+2”cores.

The max diameter after cabling is Φ65mm, the rotating speed of cage is between 10.9r/min and 26r/min and it was equipped with step-less pitch.

1+1+3 cage is composed of Φ1250 bobbin carrier, Φ1250 bobbin carrier with bow and Φ1250/3B cage, driven by individual motor and controlled by frequency converter, left and right rotation is available. Equipped with left and right rotation function, which can strand round cable with back-twist and sector cable stranding without back-twist. The bearing for the main shaft of cage is from SKF, other bearings are from HRB, ZWZ and LYC products.


(Cradle Type Laying-up Machine)

Here is the link of cradle type laying-up machine, if you are interested in it.  



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Post time: Apr-18-2019
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