The Dispatch of Drum Twister & Pay-off

Post time: Sep-12-2019

At the end of August, Lint Top shipped a Φ2600 drum twister. The main parts are packed in tin paper, vacuumed and boarded up and packed into 11 containers before being shipped to their destination, Algeria.

Main composed parts of the drum twister is as followings:

*2600 central rotary pay-off stand

*2000 rotary pay-off stand

*sector correction unit

*steel tape armoring unit

*600 dual reel high speed taping unit

*800 steel tape armoring unit

*6T caterpillar

*2600 rotary take-up stand, etc.

The drum twister can armor 80 steel wires. This drum twister lays up cables with O.D. between Φ25mm and Φ120mm. And Max. rev. of drum cage which can be up to 45r/min. In addition, stable traction speed up to 50m/min holds the whole production line running stable.

The pay-off utilizes electro-hydraulic lifting structure to make the bobbins moving up and down. Electric chuck mechanism holds the opening and closing of the left and right lifting arms, and the active pay-off mechanism during normal operation.

Drum-Twister(Drum Twister)

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