The Dispatch of Z17 Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine

Post time: Oct-30-2019

Lint Top, a global wire & cable specialist, dispatched the Z17 intermediate wire drawing machine on 25th of October. The line is composed of Z17 drawing machine, T2000 annealer, K200 tension controller, SS630 dual spoolers, electric control system.

According to our customers’ requirement, this machine is ready to support the wire drawing processing, including inlet wire dia. up to 3.50mm and the range of outlet wire dia. is 0.40-2.0mm.

Z17 Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine(Z17 Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine)

“To take full advantage of this intermediate wire drawing machine, there are some key points you need to know. It adopts full-submersible lubrication cooling method, the drawing unit is driven by motor which drives the gear box and the capstan through the transmission belt. High speed and slow speed can be set through the shift gear box.” says Amy, our sales colleague. “In addition, Single motor is used to drive gear pump fitted outside to conduct forcing cooling and lubrication, the pressure-lack protection function was fitted in its cooling and lubrication system to ensure the safe use of gearbox.”

The Dispatch of Z17 Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine(The Dispatch of Z17 Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine)

This cargo will arrive in the TIN CAN ISLAND port on 22th of November. For more news about intermediate wire drawing machine, please click:

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