The Inspection of Hose Braiding Machine

Post time: May-28-2021

The hose braiding machine which order by our UAE customer has finished the production and it will be shipped next week. Firstly, we received the inquiry from our new customer in February and after several rounds of communication, our customer decided to send us the samples to check the sample testing before final confirmation.

LINT TOP carried out the sample testing as soon as possible after receiving the hose samples. We sent the test pictures and videos to the customers before the customer asked us to send the test samples for confirmation.

And our customer are very satisfied with the braiding performance, so they finally placed the braiding machine order in March.

The customer finally ordered the LT90-24*2 High Speed Braiding Machine with 630mm take-up and 2-heads electronic rewinding machine. Every high speed braiding machine has 2 heads, and the total number of the bobbin is 96pcs. The maximum speed of impeller can be reached to 330rpm. For the take-up, we can also customize it according to customers' requirements.
Here is the video of braiding machine:

Now that we have completed the production of this machine, we are arranging the package and ship for our customers. Our packaging is very careful: We wrapped it with stretch film first and then fix it with a iron tray. The outer packaging uses plywood that meets export standards.

If you want to know more about this equipment, please feel free to contact us. Or if you have similar needs, you are welcome to contact with us.
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