The Installation and Commissioning of 1860 Automatic Coiling and Binding Machine

Post time: Oct-18-2019

Lint Top, a global wire & cable specialist, today announced that the LT1860 automatic coiling and binding machine which is suitable for 5-15mm cable has been installed and debugged from 4th to 13th of October with our Algerian customers’ satisfaction.

This line is specifically developed to arm cable factories with that they need to deploy high-speed, quality cable packaging system that will save the cost time and labor-cost.

As shown in the installation picture below, it is composed of 1250 motorized pay-off–vertical accumulator–Horizontal tension control stand–1860 coiling and binding machine-Conveyor belt–Take-up and accumulator.

Generally speaking, the production capacity of wire coil is about 4 times that of manual. After coiling, automatic film winding machine can be connected to wrap and label the coil automatically. In addition to that, the microcomputer can store 99 different specifications of wire coil. When you need to change the product specifications, you can read the stored specification data and immediately produce without input again.

The-installation-and-commissioning-of-1860-automatic-coiling-and-binding-machine(The installation and commissioning of 1860 automatic coiling and binding machine)

Most employees in our customers’ corporation are challenged to stay informed of constantly evolving standards, system-design and installation approaches, product and system capabilities, technologies. So that our machine installation & commissioning service is always provide useful and practical information to factories’ professionals who are responsible for the equipment  management and maintenance.

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