The Installation and Commissioning of Bow Twister in Ecuador

104202106981915647The bow twister project, in Ecuador, has entered the end of the commissioning stage. The professional engineers has achieved the acceptance report of customer satisfaction, which shows the customer is very satisfied with the bow twister and our service
The installation and commissioning of the total of 1 production lines,and this bow twister is worth about $190 thousand. In 2016, the customer put forward the demand for bow twister and reached a cooperation intention with LINT TOP. In 2017, after comparing the scheme, LINT TOP chose the best bow twister for our customers , and customers received the bow twister in the same year. This bow twister is mainly used to control cables or mine cables and so on. This series bow twister has the characteristics of high rotating speed, fast production,speed and samll rotating intertia. This serie bow twisters applicable to wire stranding of all types of power lines, data cables, control cables and other special cables.
In the process of installation and commissioning, the technician provides professional service to the customers . The technician of LINT TOP will drictes the most the use of the equipment to the customer, and gives the customer a detailed operation of the equipment and the possible problems. LINT TOP has been committed to providing customers with the best service.589258953892695414

Post time: May-31-2018
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