The Installation and Commissioning of Drawing Machine and Bunchers in Algeria

IMG_20180511_105315The installation and commissioning of drawing machine and bunchers, in Algeria,has entered the end of the stage. The professional engineers has achieved the acceptance report of customer satisfaction, which shows the customer is very satisfied with the bow twister and our service.
The commissioning equipments consists of two sets of fine wire drawing machines, one set of midumin wire drawing machine,one set of LT630 buncher and one set of LT1000 buncher. LINT TOP provides the high speed twister buncher to the customer of this cooperation. This series machine is used foe the multi-strand twisting of bare copper, coated tin, coated silver,copper-clad aluminum wire,enamelled wire,and other special alloy wires. Regular teisted wire can be done by this buncher instead of stranding machine. This series bunchers runs smoothly, and a coin can be placed vertically in operation. The customer is satisfied with the bunchers.The fine wire drawing machine has the impact design, which is convenient foe installation and save workplace. Also the bobbins can change automaticly in production process.
In the process of installation and commissioning, the technician provides professional service to the customers . The technician of LINT TOP will drictes the most the use of the equipment to the customer, and gives the customer a detailed operation of the equipment and the possible problems. LINT TOP has been committed to providing customers with the best service.In general, the customer is satisfied with the cooperation project reached in 2017.

Post time: May-31-2018
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