The Installation and Commissioning of Rod Breakdown Machine

Post time: Nov-07-2019

Lint Top, a leading global wire & cable specialist, today announced the finish of rod breakdown machine’s installation and commissioning. Aligning the factory’s established equipment that feature innovative wire drawing technology to provide the target copper wire.

basket coiler(Basket Coiler)

Lint top adopt a reliable start-to-end wire drawing line that guards the good effect of the finished copper wire. This installation took fifteen days and the speed and performance of D13 rod breakdown machine meets our customers’ requirement. We tested different products including 3.02, 2.77, 2.23, 1.77, 1.37, 1.20, 2.52mm with satisfied performance.

annealer machine(Annealer Machine)

Composed of D13 drawing unit, T5000 annealer, K400 tension controller, S630 Spooler and S800 coiler. There are some technical aspects of this rod breakdown machine:

*8.0mm max. inlet; 

*1.23.50mm outlet range; 

*1500 m/min max. mechanical speed. 

The dies are changed for D13 type large drawing machine by adopting swift method to replacing the rear dies. When the product specification is changed, you need only to pull the wire from related wire drawing drum to capstan and change the dies of finished wire, there is no need to displace. Furthermore, according to the processing property of copper, different transmission ratio is designed for various stages of the main unit to satisfy the drawing coefficient of copper.

Rod Breakdown Machine(Rod Breakdown Machine)

It is worth mentioning that we receive the thank-letter from our customer because of our dedicated technical service Lint top will insists on improving our customers’ satisfaction.

Payoff and Drawing Machine and Pointing Machine

Payoff and Drawing Machine and Pointing Machine

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