The Shipment of Reels to Brazilian Customer

Post time: Oct-25-2022   View: 28

his month we completed the shipment of reels to another Brazilian customer.

This is an regular customer we have cooperated with for many years. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of our production equipment and accessories, and the reels have been purchased many times.

This time, they purchased the 1250mm corrugated reel (integral type)and the 1600mm corrugated reel(disassembly type).

The 1250mm reel is used in the customer's extrusion production line, and the extrusion speed is up to 200m/min. And a load of 2500kg.

The 1600mm reel is used in the customer's existing drum twister and rigid strander, with a speed of 50m/min and a load of 6000kg.

The quantity purchased this time is 20pcs each, just one 40HQ can be filled.

Our reels have been purchasing high-quality steel, and the quality is No.1 in China.

We have been exported to all over the world, many international well-known cable companies have cooperated with us.

The following photos are some delivery photos of this order for your reference: