The Third-party Inspection of Egypt’s LV/MV Electric Cables Turnkey Project Successfully Completed

Post time: Nov-03-2022   View: 20

Our LV/MV electric cables Turnkey Project in Egypt has finished second stage manufacturing.

From 8mm copper rod to finished product, the project has various cable structure and sizes. It totally need 14 production lines, including rod break down machine, intermediate wire drawing machine, fine wire drawing machine, 630 bunching machine, 1250 double twist bunching machine, rigid frame stranding machine, cradle type lay up machine, steel tape armouring machine, 3 extrusion line, 2 automatic coiling line, and 1 rewinding line. At the same time, test equipment for quality testing is also required, as well as a large number of bobbins for storage.

wire drawing machine (1) wire drawing machine (2)

After the production of all the equipment is completed, due to the COVID-19, the customer cannot come to China from Egypt to inspect the completion of the equipment on the spot.

Entrusted by the customer, SGS (the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company) came to our factory to conduct an overall inspection of the equipment (including wire drawing machine, upward continuous casting and rolling line, rotation machine,etc.) before delivery.


After a two-month inspection cycle, we and the SGS team overcame many difficulties such as hot weather and long journeys, and finally successfully completed the acceptance of equipment for Egypt's Turnkey Project, which provided a better guarantee for the smooth progress of the wire and cable Turnkey Project in Egypt.

Although the Egyptian customers could not come to China for on-site inspection, but fortunately, we adopted the third-party inspection method and successfully completed the inspection. I hope that next time all customers will have the opportunity to come to China to inspect the factory and feel the quality of our equipment and technical service level.