Why does China’s manufacturing industry rank first in the world

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Xiao Yaqing, Minister of industry and information technology, said recently that since 2010, China's manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years, indicating that China's position as a major manufacturing country is very stable.

However, "big but not strong" has always been an urgent problem for China's manufacturing industry, especially to solve the basic problems such as core basic parts and components, key basic software, key basic materials, advanced basic technology and so on. This needs to make up the shortcomings, forge long plates, strengthen basic technological innovation, and promote made in China to create in China.

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The manufacturing industry continues to leap to the high end

China's position as a big manufacturing country has been further consolidated, which is reflected in many aspects

First of all, it is reflected in the large volume. From 2012 to 2020, China's industrial added value increased from 20.9 trillion yuan to 31.3 trillion yuan, of which the added value of manufacturing industry increased from 16.98 trillion yuan to 26.6 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 30% of the world from 22.5%.

Secondly, it is reflected in the complete system. China's industry has 41 major categories, 207 medium categories and 666 sub categories. It is the country with the most sound industrial system in the world. Among the 500 major industrial products, the output of more than 40% of the products ranks first in the world.

Thirdly, it is reflected in the strong competitiveness of products. At present, China's key industries such as photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, home appliances, smart phones and consumer UAVs rank among the top in the world. A large number of high-end brands such as communication equipment, engineering machinery and high-speed rail are going to the world, and the manufacturing industry is constantly jumping to the high end.

Why can China's manufacturing industry rank first in the world for 11 consecutive years? Xu Zhaoyuan, Vice Minister of the industrial economy research department of the development research center of the State Council, said that China's economic system and business environment are conducive to the development of manufacturing industry. Since the reform and opening up, China has given full play to its comparative advantages, especially the advantages of human resources, as well as the industrial supporting advantages brought about by China's large economy and population. At the same time, under the framework of WTO and the principle of socialist market economy, China has fully participated in international competition and better coordinated domestic and foreign resources.


Continue to enhance the resilience of the industrial chain

"A complete range of industries and good supporting facilities for enterprises will be an important advantage for Chinese manufacturing to become stronger." Xu Zhaoyuan believes that China has strong production capacity in the middle and low-end links of most industries, and some high-end products also have strong production level. At present, the short board is mainly concentrated in the high-end links and basic capacity.

Pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Central South University of economics and law, believes that there are shortcomings in China's manufacturing industry. On the one hand, the technical capacity of key nodes in the supply chain is relatively weak, on the other hand, the process accuracy needs to be improved. These two problems finally need to achieve "reinforcing the chain" through technological breakthroughs.

How? Xiao Yaqing said that on the one hand, we should promote the industrial technology reengineering project, and organize research in the fields where weaknesses and short boards are relatively concentrated through the application of new mechanisms such as traction, overall driving and ranking. On the other hand, we should speed up the construction of a national manufacturing innovation center.

How strong? "We should not only promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain of traditional industries, but also focus on the new generation of information technology, new materials, new processes, new equipment, aviation, aerospace, marine and other emerging industries, vigorously develop industrial digitization and digital industrialization, look forward to the layout of future industries and grasp the initiative of industrial development," said Tian Yulong, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

"Invisible champion" is the key point to determine China's move towards a manufacturing power. Liu Zhibiao, President of Changjiang Industrial Economics Research Institute of Nanjing University, believes that it is necessary to pay attention to cultivating "specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, because some key products, core technologies and key links that may be "stuck" in the industrial chain are often provided by these small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Intelligent manufacturing is the breakthrough direction

With the support of intelligent technology, the production pace of Sany group is getting faster and faster. The time to offline a pump truck is 45 minutes, and it takes only 20 days from order to delivery. With the help of JD industrial products intelligent supply chain decision-making system, Sany group has realized the digital unified scheduling of industrial products and materials, shortened the performance and delivery cycle, made the supply chain operate efficiently and ensured efficient production.

Intelligent manufacturing is an important direction of manufacturing industry from large to strong. The data show that the digital transformation of China's manufacturing industry has been comprehensively accelerated. By the end of May this year, the popularity of digital R & D and design tools and the NC rate of key processes of Chinese enterprises have reached 73.5% and 52.4% respectively.

The digital transformation of manufacturing industry is a "required course" related to survival and development. Xiao Yaqing introduced that on the one hand, we should promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, promote the in-depth application of digital technology in the whole process and all fields of the manufacturing industry, and cultivate and develop new business formats and new models such as networked R & D, personalized customization and flexible production. On the other hand, we should accelerate 5g network deployment, build 5g based application scenarios and industrial ecology, and cultivate and expand emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain.

Xu Zhaoyuan said that we should promote the "Internet plus manufacturing", and lead the manufacturing industry to transform, upgrade, digitalization, networking and intellectualization, and comprehensively enhance the level of intelligence in R & D, production, management and service. We will achieve the goal of making big country to manufacturing power through the convergence and fragmentation of the Internet and manufacturing industry.

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