Wire and Cable Middle East and Africa Market Growth

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Wire & cables are fundamental part of our daily life, responsible for electrical current, through circuits, in different types of electrical installations. From the generation, transmission to distribution phase we use wires and cables.
For this, there are several wire &cable types that meet the most varied applications.
Lint Top multi-wire drawing machine
Manufacturing process for Low voltage wire and cables starts with the same process which is wire drawing the process of Rod break down to the desired wire diameter where we can use this single wire in a solid conductor (class 1) or collect multiple wires together to form a stranded conductor(class 2) or use fine wire diameters to form flexible conductor (class 5 ).
The application of this Bare conductor could be for overheard conductors ( Aluminum or Copper ) or earthing protection.
North america dominate the overhead cable market but the electrification in countries of middle east and Africa will raise the demand of those cables in near future.
Lint Top High Speed Insulation Extrusion Line.
Then comes the second manufacturing process which is insulation with the various insulation materials PVC which was the most used material for insulation before XLPE gain its reputation of withstanding higher temperatures and having better insulation characteristics and finally Low Smoke which can reduce the emnision of smoke in case of fire .
The application of those insulated wires could be in Electrical board, outlets, and residential installation.
Here ends the wire processes and only cable continues.
Lint Top rigid frame stranding machine
Laying up multiple insulated cores together filling this laying up with filler material to form a circular shape cable is called Assembly process after which we can safely apply an extruded bedding, Inner or direct over sheath then to apply wither Screen process to prevent the interference of power and control cable or armour if a mechanical load could be a risk to cable life time then applying an oversheath which act as a protection to climate and environmental condition.
After the decay due to pandemic in 2020 Middle East Cable Market has been developed in the past years as per several business articles, market size was over USD 9 billion in 2021 and projected to 5.5% CAGR from 2022 to 2030 this of course is a chance for those who are willing to enter the cable business to invest their money in this industry.
Low voltage due to its wide use is predicted to observe a 4.7 % market growth while the medium voltage is expected to reach USD 4 billion .
The market growth is owing to the rising government investments in real-estate projects and the development of renewable projects. Ongoing building construction activities followed by robust public and private player’s investments in the construction of mega projects will further encourage the product demand. Moreover, the increasing demand for efficient & advanced solutions of smart technologies and IoT-based platforms will foster the market expansion.
Development of new smart cities, for instance, Administrative Capital(EGY), NEOM, Amaala, Qiddiya and the Red Sea Project (KSA) Masdar City , Zayed smart city (UAE), and the followed upgrading of infrastructure have been amongst the major factors for Middle East cables market growth.
in additional to the government initiatives such as “Qatar National Vision 2030”, “Kenya Vision 2030”, and “Bahrain Economic Vision 2030” would give a remarkable thrust to the development of the non-oil economy and smart cities, thereby driving the wires and cables market in the region.
Africa wires & cables market is expected to grow in the upcoming years on the back of the rising product applicability in multiple sectors like telecommunication, automotive, and energy, oil &gas sector as well is expected to grow due to several projects in the region such as Tanzania LNG Liquefaction plant, Rovuma LNG Liquefaction plant, Namibe Refinery Complex and Etan & zabazaba oil fields.
After the covid -19 and the world relying on online meetings and remote working telecommunication segment is expected to grow as well due to the expansion of network establishments and data centres, due to the growing need for reliable, high speed and scalable communication infrastructure network has led to high adoption of optical fibers. Its ten time faster than standard cable and transmit much more data.
The incorporation of fiber connectivity in any organisation persuades a work environment with fast internet speed, it also has no down time which prevent time and money cost.
As a sum up various bare conductor, wires & cables Market are growing in middle east and africa due to the development carried out by countries governments and the infra structure replacement which lead to a demand either to establish or to replace current running cables so in the near future we will face a high demand of these products, a lot of investors will put their money in this industry and with Lint Top and One World help in supplying cable manufacturing machines and Raw materials we can help them with our qualified technicians , brilliant engineers and new technologies in all what they needs in cable industry in order to achieve their business as well as operational goals.
with offices all over the world serving in more than five continents most recent in Egypt Middle east we can help distribute our quality products to this area and help them innovate, design, test and experience all type of cables depends on what sector or application or market size they want to gain.
With nearly twenty years of experience in this industry replying to various customers all over the world with different scope experience and business needs we can deliver suggestions , recommendations and experience to customers of cable industry with our Turnkey projects we canlsuggest product list ,machine layout which will guarantee an easy manufacturing process.