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  • High Speed Insulation Extrusion Line
    It is suitable for conductors up to 10mm2 with a production speed up to 1000m/min. The take-up and pay-off bobbin can be changed automatically without stopping machine and automatic dual take-up is used. It is suitable for the production insulation of thermoplastic materials such as PVC, XLPE and so on. It is applied in single layer, single layer + color skin, single layer + color strip and other forms. One-button function of speed up and down can reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency.
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line
    It is used for outer sheath extrusion of insulated core or stranded core. Various imported screw cylinder and barrel with high extrusion output to be selected for extrusion such as PVC, PE, LSZH, Teflon, Nylon and other materials.
  • Triple-layer Co-extrusion Dry-cure CCV Line
    This Continuous Catenary Vulcanization (CCV) Line is designed for continuous producing 6-35KV, 35-132KV XLPE insulated power cable with 3-layer co-extrusion.
  • Continuous Extrusion Production Lines for Copper Flat Wires
    For the production of copper flat wire, round wire, commutator segment and other solid copper conductor.
  • Building Wire Extrusion Line (Suitable for 1.5-16mm²)
    Building wires insulation lines are suitable for several thermoplastic compounds such as PVC, PE, XLPE and LSHF. Optional insulation line can be equipped with a co-extruder for color skinning & stripping purposes and the range is completed with THHN insulation lines by including a tandem extruder for PA(Nylon) outer jacketing.
  • Copper Horizontal Enameling Machine
    This machine is used to produce enameling wires below 0.8mm, commonly in fan motor wires, motor wires and transformer wires. It can produce 32 wires at the same time. It is even suitable for new factories and new operators for its simple operation.
  • Vertical Enameling Machine
    This machine is used to produce wires larger than 0.8 mm in diameter. This machine adopts the latest R & D of “energy saving and environmental protection” type oven. The energy consumption is less than 200kwh/t.
  • Automatic Coiling and Binding Machine
    Automatic coiling and binding machine is mainly used for coiling and binding process. It makes finished coil tight and goes to next process easily.
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