Quenching and Aging Furnace for Aluminum Alloy

Quenching and Aging Furnace for Aluminum Alloy

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1 Processed parts with uniform hardness and less deformation.

2 Easy operation and maintenance.

3 Reliable performance, low failure rate

4 High precision electric control system

5 Small space occupation

6 Low price and energy saving.


Main function

The trolley type heat and aging furnace can meet the aging-treat requirement of aluminum alloy wires, which will improve the wire performance like conductivity, tensile strength and elongation rate.


Heating energy Electricity or gas
Heating temperature 150-300℃
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Temperature uniformity ±5℃
Hot wind circulating system Centrifugal circulating fan
Bobbin size Φ560mm, Φ630mm
Bobbin nos. 32/64/96 pieces, can be customized
Control mode

PID automatic temperature control,

total computer intelligent control

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