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Second Inspection of Whole Factory Project--Extrusion Line

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At the end of August, Lint Top carried out the second equipment inspection of the whole plant project including LT 120+120+65 filling and sheathing extrusion line, Φ630/6+12+18 rigid frame strander, 800 rewinding machine line, 16 fine wire drawing machine with continuous annealer and bow twister after the first inspection

Speaking of filling and sheathing extrusion line, the purpose is used for extrusion soft PVC, PE/crosslinked PE, HFFR thermoplastic plastics. The whole production line adopts tandem extrusion, the first 120 extruder is used for filling extrusion and the second 120+65 extruder is used for sheath extrusion. The maximum sheathing O.D and the haul-off force are up to 60mm and 1600kg respectively. 

As for the maximum extrusion capacity aspect:

580kg±5%/h for PVC

400Kg±5%/h  for XLPE

550Kg±5%/h  for HFFR

Second Inspection of Whole Factory Project--Extrusion Line

(The Inspection of Whole Extrusion Line)

The production line is equipped with 3 Sicora laser diameter gauges which are placed at the 120 filling, hot end 120 extruder and the finished product. In addition, the middle one is involved in the feedback control.

Our Algerian customers express their satisfaction during the inspection process and increase their cooperation confidence with LINTTOP. Now we are working on the shipment. 

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