The Working Principle, Operation Process About Coiling Machine?

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The coiling machine is also called a coiler machine, which is suitable for coiling, bundling and packaging of wires. Because of its high production efficiency and good cable quality, it solves the problems of low efficiency in coiling, binding and packaging, poor quality in cable, and is well received by wire and cable manufacturers. LINT TOP will introduce the working principle, classification, structure, advantages and operation process of the coiling machine.

1.The working principle of coiling machine

You can set the length of the wire loop according to your needs, and it will automatically alarm and stop when the set length is reached. At the same time, you can choose a tester and a spark machine, which can automatically alarm and stop immediately when the outer diameter of the wire is out of tolerance or the surface is broken.

2.The classification of coiling machine

There are many types of coiling machines, which can be divided into coiling machine, coiling/binding machine, coiling/binding/shrinking/wrapping machine, coiling/binding/shrinking/labeling machine, etc. You can choose according to actual needs.

Coiling Machine

3.The structure of coiling machine

The coiler machine is mainly composed of three parts: the pay-off part, the meter part and the coiling host.
(1)Pay-off part: accumulator and automatic tension control pay off
Accumulator and automatic tension control pay off taking electric lift, pneumatic brake, can change bobbin fast. Plc automatic track feedback the speed of pay off, pay off speed is fully synchronized with the host.
(2)Meter counter part: Meter counter device
One of the upper and lower wheels, the use of precision decoders to calculate the length of the line. Meter wheel by the aluminum alloy material, the last wheel plus spray ceramic hardening treatment, the next round of the coating is not fine line, and the installation of one-way bearing, to prevent the cable back pumping.
(3)Coiling host
1) Coiling head:Horizon coiling open-close is controlled by air pressure propeller. when reach the length setting, stop coiling automatically, t he head close and up vertically, won’t take the wire end or sticky coil.
2) Traversewire system: It is totally controlled by computer, driven by servo motor through linear bearing. Get main motor signal by encoder, keep synchronization between servo motor and main motor. Flat cable act coordinately, coil good at looking.
3)Cutter: Gate-type cutter. When reach the length setting, cut automatically. Double cutter are made from special steel, after vacuum heating treatment, make it hard and long life.

4. The advantages of coiling machine

(1) The coiling machine can be supplied by a pay-off machine or directly connected to extruding machine.
(2) When the user operates, loading and unloading the spool is fast and convenient.
(3) When pay off, automatic brake does not mess the wire, and the pay-off reel adopts a electric lift method to reduce manual labor.
(4) After coiling, the wires are neat and beautiful, and can be quickly bundled and easily removed with high efficiency and short use time.
(5) Only one person can complete multiple processes such as coiling, binding, packing, etc.
(6)Automatic error detection function, when fault it will alarm.

5. The operation process of coiling machine

(1) Before starting, carefully check whether there is any debris on the working table of the coiler machine, whether the screws are loose, whether the power switch is connected well, and whether the specifications meet the requirements. The machine can be turned on only after it is confirmed to be qualified, and the fault should be reported to the foreman or production technician for repair in time.
(2) After starting, run it with unload, and pay attention to check whether the coiling machine's flat cable, winding turns, reset method, parking position, etc. meet the requirements. If it does not, you must repeat the above steps and readjust until the requirements are met.
(3) If there are loose screws and abnormal sound during operation, please press the emergency stop switch immediately and repair it immediately.
(4) It is strictly forbidden to touch the running parts when the coiling machine is running at high speed. The machine is used in strict accordance with the operating specifications of the coiler machine. It is forbidden to start the machine when hanging the wire, loading and unloading the skeleton fixture.
(5) Carefully clean and maintain the equipment, do a good job in the cleaning and sanitation of the surrounding sites, place the product parts neatly, and turn off the power.