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Test Equipment

  • Power Frequency AC Spark Tester
    Power frequency AC spark tester is a dedicated test device for detecting wire and cable insulation faults. Integrated with the technology of solid-state AC voltage regulation and single-chip microprocessor control, the machine has a stable voltage output (not affected by the change of the power supply voltage), high fault detection sensitivity, versatility, user-friendly, safe and reliable, new structure and beautiful appearance.
  • Laser Diameter Gauge
    The equipment is usually used to measure the diameter of the production line online, there are two types: Single-axis and double-axis. It can be equipped with remote feedback system and the feedback signal is sent to the host to control the stable operation of the whole production line.
  • High Frequency AC Spark Tester
    High frequency AC spark tester is a fast and reliable tool widely used for online detection of wire and cable insulation and voltage resistance, holes and breaks. This is an important process that directly affects the quality of the entire cable. Compared with the traditional type, the machine has the advantages of space saving, easy operation and fast detection speed, and is more suitable for modern production.
  • Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
    Horizontal tensile testing machine is designed specifically for tensile testing of overhead conductors, these test frames use a horizontal test opening to accommodate long specimens and high elongation demands.
  • AC / PD Voltage Withstand Series Resonance Test System
    The test system meets the requirements of XLPE power cable power frequency withstand voltage and partial discharge test. It is suitable for XLPE cable partial discharge test, high voltage withstand test and partial discharge fault location of other power products.
  • Cable Heating Cycle Test System
    The heavy current is used for testing power transformer, high voltage mutual inductor, arrester, high voltage XLPE cable and so on. It adopts heavy current load test to test sample with heavy current for judging the quality so that users can improve products quality.
  • AC Voltage Withstand Test System
    The AC voltage test system is mainly used for power cable, electric transformer, HV 
    instrument transformer, HV switch, etc. The test items include AC voltage test, PD test 
    and electric aging test.
  • Impulse Voltage Test System
    Impulse voltage test system is applied to power transformer, HV mutual inductor, HV switch, power cable, etc. By doing impulse voltage to HV power product, standard lightening impulse, switch impulse can be generated. It is a necessary equipment for testing HV power product.
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