Professional technical power including Production team, process team, QC team, installation and commissioning team. All our technical members are Full-time senior engineer with more than 10 years experience in wire&cable field.

  • Technical
    support before orders

    • 1.Design cable structures for higher efficiency and lower costs.
      2.Technical flow considering all production process.
      3.Suggest all suitable production equipment, test equipment, auxiliary equipment needed.
      4.Make the whole project schedule.
      5.Suggest the suitable Location of all the machines in customer’s plant.
  • Technical
    support after orders

    • 1.Final review cable structure, technical design of each equipment, lay out before production.
      2.Quality inspection under LINT TOP quality system before dispatch.
      3.Make the shipping schedule.
  • On-Site
    Technical Support

    • 1.Installation and commissioning service with customer's team.
      2.Training customer's operators.
      3.Technical support during production.
      4.Suggestion of Spare parts needed to be stored.




  • WHY US?

LINT TOP CABLE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is one wire & cable machinery manufacturer with the most complete product range and the highest technical level in China. LINT TOP is also the only Chinese company who can supply turnkey projects for wire & cable investors.
LINT TOP is founded in 2009. We have modern production plant and professional technical research team. We cooperate with several cable research centers and more then 1000 wire & cable plants in China, covering various wire and cable fields. Finally we set up our own strict quality control system and perfect process system.
We provide full series of wire & cable equipment to the world, including copper/aluminum(alloy) CCR line, copper/aluminum(alloy) wire drawing machine, stranding machine, cabling machine, braiding machine, armouring machine, extruding machine, packaging machine, etc. For communication cable filed, we also supply complete set of production equipment such as optical fiber cable equipment and LAN cable equipment.
So far, more than 500 wire & cable factories in more than 80 countries are using wire & cable equipment from LINT TOP. In order to provide customers with high-quality technical support and services, we have set up branches in North Africa, the Middle East and South America. In each service centers, we have technicians with long experience in wire and cable production, thus to provide timely, professional and high-quality pre-sale consultation service, in-sale technical guidance service and after-sale technical service for global customers.
After more than ten years of efforts and development, LINT TOP has grown to a synonym for high-end brands of wire & cable manufacturing equipment. We will continue to be committed to the global wire and cable business, lighting and connecting the world.

When you want to set up a new wire and cable plant. You already has a wire and cable plant and it's profitable, and orders increase. Thus you want to increase productivity. You already has a wire and cable plant, You want to start other kind wire and cable production. You are running a wire and cable for years, the existing production lines became old, the speed is too much low, the machine has problem frequently. Supplier of wire and cable material.

Quality is the most basic and important guarantee for customers. We set up a multilevel supervision system to control quality. Till now, all machines from LINT TOP are running in the whole world. When we control the quality strictly, after sale service become less and less. We understand it fully, any after sale service will be transferred to customers, the loss due to machine breakdown is huge, a big headache to customer. Except quality, getting the wire and cable solution with LINT TOP is easily. Firstly, LINT TOP's product covers a complete package of production facilities, test equipment, auxiliary equipment, also materials needed during production. Secondly, We are trying to make LINT TOP to be a technology-intensive company. Improving the technical assistance and providing technical support to customers as much as possible is our future direction. LINT TOP is a young and vital team. High efficient, timely, orderly, rigorous and work according to the process is our principle. On the way to improve our strength and customers' satisfaction, we will never stop exploring. We believe that with LINT TOP your wire and cables will be competitive in the market easily. LINT TOP will become your reliable partner on your way to be powerful.

What They’re Talking About Company

Don Tang
Don Tang Sales Director
"I have engaged in the wire and cable industry for decades. With professional knowledge and rich projects experience, I have helped more than a dozen customers complete the construction of whole plant projects such as power cables, fiber optic cables, and data cables. I have established good cooperation and friendship with customers from all around the world through my professional skills and reliable service. Personal vision: ""May my project bring maximum benefits to clients""."
Amy M
Amy M Sales Engineer
Here is Amy M. I have been in wire and cable industry for nearly 10 years. I have rich experience in handling cable production equipment, and have successfully exported wire drawing machines, stranding machines, extruders, coiling machines and other related auxiliary equipment to more than 30 countries, such as Canada, Ukraine, Indonesia, Algeria, Brazil, Nigeria, etc. If you have related needs, welcome to contact me.
Helen Zhao
Helen Zhao Sales Engineer
"I have worked in the wire and cable field for more than 10 years and have more than 50 wire and cable manufacturer customers all over the world. I successfully helped 2 investors complete the construction of the cable factory in the past year, 2022. Including low-voltage cable factory and data cable factory. I have sufficient experience in the field of data cables, low voltage cables, and fiber optic cables."
Jacky Sales Engineer
I grew up in the LINT TOP family for 10 years. Specializing in various cable production techniques such as drawing, extruding and stranding. I have successfully delivered dozens of turnkey projects. The latest customer I served is ‘‘Maven Cables’’ in Egypt, a total of 30 containers of equipment have been shipped. I will go to the site for installation, commissioning and operation. Contact me for best service.
Damon Sales Engineer
"This is Damon from LINT TOP. I'm experienced in the application of high-tech equipment, such as automatic guided vehicle, laser printer, robotic welding machine, etc. Of course, I am also good at production equipment, like CCR, drawing machine, stranding machine, extrusion line... Now I focus on the American market, especially Brazil, Ecuador. Looking forward to serving you."


  • Headquarters

  • Middle East Branch

  • North Africa Branch

  • Customers


Development path



Engaged in the production and sales of wire and cable equipment in China.


Engaged in the production and sales of wire and cable equipment in China.


LV power cables filed. Complete pro-duction machines, test equipment of LV power cables.


Expanded to Pakistan, Zambia and Kenya market.


Optical fiber cables field. Complete production machines, test equipment of optical fiber cables.


Data cables. Complete production machines, test equipment of Data cables.


On the way to improve our strength and customers' satisfaction, we will never stop exploring.


Set up North Africa center.


Moved to New Office in April, 2021.


Established in 2007


Developed LCD projectors


Listed companies in Qianhai equity trading


The first portable smart projector was born.


Became the high-tech enterprise.


The first Native 1080P projector was launched(D025)


Became the designated projector supplier of Japan Rakuten Canon, and Philips.


The first Mini projector cooperate with Lenovo.


Expand the company, separate the office from the factory.