Copper Rod Turnkey Project

The main use of copper rod is as raw materials for the production of wire and cable, mainly used in electric power, construction, energy, automobiles, electronics and other industries. With the development of the economy, these industries have also been greatly developed, the demand for copper rod is strong, and the market prospect is very broad.

LINT TOP has been committed to providing customers with the best copper rod production solution, and has delivered a large number of copper rod turnkey projects in North Africa, the Middle East, South America and other countries and regions for more than 20 years. We provide customers with a full range of services and technical support, including furnace design and masonry, plant layout, a complete set of equipment supply, factory installation and commissioning, production process and technical training, and all required auxiliary equipment and various raw materials, to ensure that customers can obtain the highest level of technical support and service in the field of copper rod production.

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2.Raw Material Selection

There are two kinds of raw materials for copper rod production: electrolytic copper and scrap copper. These two kinds of raw materials can be made into copper rods by continuous casting and rolling process.

In the traditional production of copper rods, electrolytic copper is mostly used as raw material, which has high thermal efficiency and convenient control. It does not need refining steps such as "oxygen blowing to desulfurize" and "wood insertion reduction" to obtain qualified molten copper. At the same time, the high purity and consistency of the material are very guaranteed for the production of high-quality copper rods.

However, with the shortage of global mineral resources, the output of copper concentrate is difficult to meet the demand, and the cost of producing copper rods with electrolytic copper as raw material is getting higher and higher. At the same time, the number of waste household appliances and waste wires and cables is increasing rapidly, causing resource waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, the recycling of scrap copper has become an increasingly important source of raw materials for the production of copper rods.

The recycling of scrap copper can not only solve the problem of the resources shortage, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the disposal of scrap copper. Moreover, with the development of technology, the recycling of scrap copper is more efficient and high-quality. Today, as copper prices continue to rise, scrap copper recycling is more profitable and has become an important part of the development of the copper industry.

Regardless of whether customers choose electrolytic copper or scrap copper as raw materials, LINT TOP can provide corresponding turnkey project services. If the customer is not sure which raw material to choose, LINT TOP can also recommend the optimal solution for the customer according to the market environment, regional characteristics, market prospects and other factors.


3.Production Process

(1) When electrolytic copper is used as raw material

Electrolytic copper→Shaft furnace→Heat preserving furnace→Launder→ Pouring pot→Billet casting→Clamping traction→Roller shears→Straightener→Burr shaver→Feeding→Continuous rolling→Cooling and deoxidizing→Rear traction→Coiling of finished copper rod

(2) When scrap copper is used as raw material

Scrap Copper→Melting and refining in reverberatory furnace→Launder→ Pouring pot→Billet casting→Clamping traction→Roller shears→Straightener→Burr shaver→Feeding→Continuous rolling→Cooling and deoxidizing→Rear traction→Coiling of finished copper rod

Note: When scrap copper is used as raw material, scrap copper of the first grade or above grade two can be used, and the mixture ratio is as the below: 60% of the first grade copper adds 40% of the second-grade copper.    


4.The Turnkey Project Service

Over the years, LINT TOP has successfully delivered a number of copper rod turnkey projects in North Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions. Scrap copper recycling is an extremely hot industry trend now, so taking the copper rod turnkey project delivered by LINT TOP in Southeast Asia in 2022 as a typical project, we will show you what services are included in the turnkey project provided by LINT TOP.

(1) Raw material used by customers

scrap copper

(2) Information on the copper rod produced by the customer

Φ8mm bright low oxygen copper rod

Oxygen content: not more than 0.05%

Copper content: not less than 99.90%


(3) The production equipment we provide

1) Furnace: 60t reverberatory furnace  2 sets


2)Continuous casting and rolling line

a.New wheel type continuous casting machine


b.Traction device
c.Roller shears
d.Scraping straightening machine
e.Burr shaver
f.Continuous rolling machine
Type of rolling mill stand:
Horizontal roller rack 2 sets(2#、4#)
Vertical roller rack 2 sets(1#、3#)
Y-frame roller rack 8 sets(5#-12#)


g.Coiler device


(4)The testing equipment we provide
1)Resistance tester
2)Tensile testing machine
3)Torsion testing machine
4)Oxygen analyzer
5)spectrum analyzer
(5)The auxiliary equipment we provide
1)Hydraulic baler
2)Cooling tower
3)Air compressor
4)Hoffman filtration system
(6)The environmental protection equipment we provide
1)Bag-filtering dust precipitator
(7)Technical Services We Provide
1) Site planning: including cooling system, gas supply system, power supply system, equipment layout, plant layout, etc.
2) Technical information: operating manuals, electrical diagrams, pipeline diagrams and other documents with the equipment.
3) Installation and commissioning: LINT TOP chief engineer will come to the factory to guide the equipment installation, no-load commissioning and load commissioning.
4) Trial production: LINT TOP chief engineer assists customers in trial production of qualified finished copper rods.
5) Technical training: The chief engineer provides training to the engineers and operators of the customer's factory, including the ratio of raw materials, equipment maintenance, production process control (copper liquid temperature control, casting speed, rolling speed and other aspects), etc. More importantly, the chief engineer can combine years of on-site work experience to provide early training and guidance for the problems that customers may encounter in subsequent production.
6) Value-added services: If the customer need other services such as technical consultation, equipment upgrades, and production expansion, LINT TOP can provide further services.
In addition to providing equipment, LINT TOP's turnkey project service also provides a full range of technical support, including assistance in controlling project progress, training in production technology, installation and commissioning of equipment, operation training, and suggestions on the use of raw materials. In short, LINT TOP will greatly shorten the construction time for investors, make the equipment run as quickly as possible, and help customers produce high-quality copper rods for high yields.
The selection of all production processes and equipment of LINT TOP relies on the actual production experience of more than 100 copper rod factories in China. While ensuring the quality, China's huge industrial system reduces the cost. The price of copper rods produced by customers using our equipment is competitive in the market, which is a prerequisite for the rapid development of customers.
LINT TOP is committed to the development of the global wire, cable and copper rod industry, and strives to become the first supplier of wire and cable turnkey projects.