Building Wires and Cables Turnkey Project


Building wires and cables are the most widely used type of electrical equipment wire and cable products, mainly refers to the fixed laying and mobile use of wire and cable for low-voltage power distribution, the rated voltage level is generally 450/750V and below. In our production and life, the construction line is closely related to us, from the power supply in the building to the normal operation of the factory equipment, are inseparable from these products, now and in the future the construction line will play a pivotal role.

Over the past decades, LINT TOP has carried out a large number of turnkey projects for construction lines in North Africa, South Africa, South America and many other countries and regions. We have provided our customers with a complete range of services and technical support, including: assistance in the design of the detailed cable structure, supply of complete production equipment from drawing and annealing to coil packaging, supply of all testing equipment for routine, sample and type tests, supply of all auxiliary equipment, bobbins, moulds, etc., and supply of all raw materials required for the cables.

In the past, we have completed projects for the whole building line, involving specific product types such as unjacketed cables for fixed wiring, sheathed cables for fixed wiring, flexible cables, etc.; conductor cross-sections of 1.5mm2 to 6mm2, but also 10mm2 and above; conductor categories of class1, class2, class5; insulation cores of (1 to 5) cores. The product standards involved are IEC 60227 series, DIN VDE 0281 series, etc.

2.Production Process

building wires

3.The Turnkey Project Service

The following is an overview of the "turnkey project" for a cable plant in North Africa for the construction of a building line provided by LINT TOP in 2021.

(1) Cable product information

1) Reference standards: IEC 60228, IEC 60227

2) Conductors: bare copper, class 1, class 2, class 5

3) Insulation: PVC

4) Sheath: PVC

5) Cable structure


(2) Production equipment we provided

1) Drawing and annealing: 17-die copper medium-drawing, 22-die copper small-drawing

2) Conductor stranding: 630 wire bundling machine, 800 wire bundling machine, 1250 wire bundling machine

3) Insulation extrusion: 70+35 extruder

4), cable formation: 1250/1+3 cradle cable formation

5)Filling layer and outer sheath extrusion: 80+100/50 extruders

6), loop packaging: LT1246 loop forming machine

7) Rewinding: 800 insulation rewinding line, 2500 insulation/sheath rewinding line

(3) Testing equipment we provided

1) Vernier calipers

2) micrometer

3) Digital bridge + bridge fixture

4) Voltage withstand tester (35.0kVA/7.0kV)

5) Wall thickness projector

6) Insulation resistance tester

7) Constant temperature water tank

8) Natural air exchange aging test chamber

9) Pneumatic specimen slicer and dumbbell knife mould

10) Slicing machine for specimen

11) Tension testing machine

12) Heat extension test device

13)  high temperature pressure test device

14) Low temperature stretching and winding automatic intelligent testing machine

15) Cracking resistance winding (thermal shock) test device

16) Vacuum drying oven

17) Analysis balance

18) Single wire and cable vertical burning test machine

19) Bending testing machine

20) Load breaking core testing machine

(4) Auxiliary equipment we provided 

1) Air compressor (LT55-8GA)

2) Air-cooled chiller (ACK-10(D))

3) Plate heat exchanger (2m2, 9m2, 11m2)

4) Copper powder filter (600L/Min)

5) Filter paper

6) Tie head threading machine (LT-170A)

7) Benchtop cold welding machine (copper wire: 0.80-4.0mm)

8) Handheld cold welder (copper wire: 0.12-0.50mm)

9) Water pump