Photovoltaic Solar (PV) Cable

The use of conventional fossil energy has caused many problems while promoting industrial development and social progress. For example resource depletion, global warming, environmental pollution, geological disasters, etc., thus the earth's ecology has been damaged increasingly, so the development and use of pollution-free renewable energy is a major issue facing mankind.
Because of the limited supply of conventional energy and the increasing pressure of environmental protection, many countries have set off an upsurge in the development and utilization of solar energy. The development and utilization of solar energy have become an important part of the sustainable development strategy of many countries. Abundant solar radiant energy is an important energy source. It is an inexhaustible, non-polluting, cheap, and freely available energy source for humans.
In recent years, the application of solar photovoltaic power generation has become increasingly widespread and rapidly developed, and photovoltaic power stations must use special cables. With the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry, the photovoltaic cable market has gradually formed, and photovoltaic cable products with various types and specifications have been developed. For example, DC photovoltaic cables, AC photovoltaic cables; single-core photovoltaic cables, multi-core photovoltaic cables, and so on.
In the past few decades, LINT TOP has carried a large number of turnkey projects of photovoltaic cables in many countries and regions, such as North Africa, South Africa, South America, etc. We have provided customers with complete project services and technical support. Mainly includes: calculating production capacity, reasonably configuring the number of production equipment, rationally arranging plant, providing a complete set of production equipment and testing equipment from wire drawing to finished product packaging, providing all necessary auxiliary equipment, bobbins, dies, etc., and providing various raw materials required for photovoltaic cables, etc.
In the photovoltaic cable turnkey projects we have completed before, the product standards involved mainly include EN 50618, 2Pfg 1169/08, UL 4703, etc.; the product specifications involved include single-core photovoltaic cables and multi-core photovoltaic cables; the products types involved include DC photovoltaic cables and AC photovoltaic cables.
2.Process flow


Taking EN 50618 standard single-core insulated and sheathed photovoltaic cable as an example, the process flows are as follows:
Process 1:
Copper drawing→ annealing + tinning→ stranding→ insulation extrusion→ cross-linking→ sheath extrusion→ cross-linking→ coil/reel packaging→ finished product inspection.
Process 2:
Tinned copper drawing + annealing→ stranding→ insulation extrusion→cross-linking→ sheath extrusion→ cross-linking→ coil/reel packaging→ finished product inspection.
Process 3:
Tinned copper drawing + annealing( or copper drawing→ annealing+ tinning)→ stranding→ insulation + sheath extrusion( squeeze or co-extrusion)→ cross-linking→ coil/reel packaging→ finished product inspection.
3.Turnkey project service
The following is an overview of the photovoltaic cable " turnkey project" provided by LINT TOP for a cable factory in North Africa in 2021.
(1)Cable product information
1)Reference standard: EN 50618
2)Conductor: tinned copper, class5
3)Insulation: XLPO
4)Sheath: XLPO
5)Cable structure
(2)The production equipment we provide
1)Drawing: 22 dies copper fine wire drawing machine
2)Annealing, tinning: 42-head tube annealing heat tinning machine


3)Conductor stranding: 630 bunching machine, 1250 bunching machine
4)Insulation extrusion: 70 insulation extrusion machine
5)Sheath extrusion: 90 sheath extrusion machine
6)Coil packaging: LT1246 coiling/ binding/ shrinking packaging machine
(3)The test equipment we provide
1)Vernier caliper
3)Wall thickness projector
4)Digital bridge + bridge fixture
5)Withstand voltage tester
6)Insulation resistance tester
7)Constant temperature water tank
8)Natural ventilation aging test chamber
9)Tensile testing machine
10)Thermal expansion test device
11)Single wire and cable vertical burning test machine
12)Smoke density testing machine
13)Halogen gas release measuring device
(4)The auxiliary equipment we provide
1)Air compressor
3)Water pump
4)Plate heat exchanger
5)Copper powder filter
6)Wire pointing and stringing-up machine
7)Cold welder
8)250 plastic reel, 630 metal bobbin, 800 metal bobbin, 1250 metal bobbin
9)Drawing die, stranding die, extruding die
For the cross-linking of photovoltaic cable insulation and sheath, we can provide electron beam irradiation cross-linking equipment. When customers use irradiated XLPO as insulation and sheath materials, the electron beam irradiation cross-linking equipment is used to irradiate insulated wires and sheath wires to achieve the purpose of cross-linking. This cross-linking method has low raw material costs, greatly shortens the cross-linking time, and speeds up the flow of products between processes.
We also provide customers with XLPO insulation materials and sheath materials, tinned copper conductors, which not only saves the cost of raw materials, but also effectively guarantees the stability of the performance of the finished products.
While providing the above equipment and materials, we can also provide technical services, including the project schedule, production process, equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, material use suggestions and other entire turnkey projects. From raw materials to finished products, customers save a lot of time, energy and financial resources to select equipment and understand the process. All production technology and equipment selection are based on the actual production experience of more than 7,000 cable factories in China. At the same time, our equipment with high quality is selected by large international cable factories such as NEXAN, Prysmian, Dordg, Elsewedy, Fukuta, etc. While ensuring high quality, Chinese huge industrial system reduces costs. The price of the cable is competitive because it is produced by our equipment, which is a necessary condition for the rapid development of customers.
LINT TOP is committed to the development of the global wire and cable industry, and strives to become the No.1 supplier of the turnkey project in wire and cable field.