• production of wires with different finished diameters,reduced consumption of electric energy per ton of produced wire
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  • extrusion lines, Insulation Lines, cable extrusion line, cable extrusion machine, cable sheathing line, Sheathing Lines, cable extruder machine
  • pd test, cable test system,
  • copper drawing machine and wire drawing machine
  • Production Facilities

  • Test Equipment

  • Accessories

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  • Materials

    Mica Tape, mica tape for cable, wire taping machine
  • Φ2600 Drum Twister With Steel Wires Armoring
  • Automatic Coiling and Binding Machine(2 rope)
  • SZ Stranding Line With Dual Concentric Binder
  • Copper Horizontal Enameling Machine
  • Tight Buffer Fiber Extruding Line
  • Vertical Braiding Machine
  • TLJ300 Continuous Extrusion Production Lines for Copper Flat Wire
  • LT-10B/10 Butt Welding Machine HD
  • Butt welder for single wires
  • On line diameter tester
  • 1250/1+3 Bow Twister
  • Coiling and Wrapping Packing Line in One Unit
  • Coiling and Thermal Shrinking Line with Automatic Banding Machine(2 ropes)
  • Automatic Coiling and Thermal Shrinking Package (4coils/min)
  • Automatic Coiling and Film Shrinking Machine (1 rope)
  • Double Head Vertical Taping Machine
  • Optical Fiber Sheathing Line
  • FTTH Drop Cable Extrusion Line
  • Optical Fiber Coloring and Rewinding Line
  • Full of wire and cable extrusion line, Include sheathing, high speed insulation extrusion, Outer dia.: 1.5-180 mm², materials: PVC, HFFR, PE, XLPE, HDPE, LSHF, PA, PU
  • used for power cable, electic transformer, hv instrument transformer, hv switch, etc.The test items include AC voltage test, PD test, and electric aging test
  • making to loose tube, unitube, figure 8, ADSS, & buried/duct/aerial optic cable machine, Ftth, Indoor, Tight Buffer, Sz Stranding, Secondary Coating, Coloring etc.
  • All the equipment is suitable for wire dia within 80mm and Select efficiency 99%, scrap cable wires of the plastic sheath and the copper, separating them into copper powder
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