Post time: Dec-21-2018

    ADVERTISEMENT EVENT(XUZHOU)-LINT TOP posted an advertisement for optical fiber production line on page 12 of Nov/Dec 2018 Wire&Cable Technology magazine. We used to introduce the full optical cable production line on the 2018 Düsseldorf Journal. Like we posted the picture on the magazine this...Read more »

  • Installation and Commissioning of Heating Cycle Equipment
    Post time: Dec-08-2018

    EQUIPMENT EVENT(XUZHOU)-In December 3, the CHCT series heating cycle test system is being installed and commissioned successfully in Algeria. The heating cycle test system can do heating cycle voltage test for XLPE cables. The system adopts temperature monitor to collect temperature signal throug...Read more »

  • The Installation and Commissioning of Four Columns Hanging Type Pay-off and Take-up
    Post time: Nov-22-2018

    LINT TOP carried out a seven-day installation and commissioning of 750/2000mm four columns hanging type pay-off and take-up machine in South Africa from November 7, 2018. Four columns hanging type pay-off and take-up machine is mainly used for winding various signal cable, optical cable.  The wir...Read more »

  • Dispatch of LT300 Continuous Extrusion Production Line
    Post time: Oct-26-2018

    In October 2018, we dispatched the LT300 Continuous Extrusion Production Line which is used for copper flat wire, round wire, commutator segment and other solid copper conductor to Algeria.  In terms of continuous extrusion machinery, LT300 adopts special designed extrusion wheel, chamber and die...Read more »

    Post time: Oct-25-2018

    In October of 2018, we dispatched horizontal enameling machine for our Algerian customer. With 9 years of continuous development in wire and cable field, LINT TOP is the reliable partner of several reputable wire and cable manufactures for their manufacturing needs in Algeria. LINT TOP offers sui...Read more »

  • Vertical Enameling Machine with High Productivity & Quality
    Post time: Oct-25-2018

    Gordon, Sales manager, LINT TOP, says,”LINT TOP offers the full range of enameling machine including vertical enameling machine and horizontal enameling machine. LINT TOP is well known for wire and cabling equipment to meet customers’ needs. A good example is the structure design and material use...Read more »

  • Dispatch of electrical aging treatment furnace to Algeria
    Post time: Jul-30-2018

    In July 2018, we dispatched one electrical aging treatment furnace to Algeria. This furnace adopts double door and double trolley. One trolley with bobbins of aluminum alloy wires is during treatment inside the furnace, the other is loading or unloading the bobbins outsi...Read more »

  • The Dispatch of FTTH Drop Cable Extrusion Machine Line
    Post time: May-23-2018

    In May 2018, LT50 FTTH drop cable extrusion machine line will be dispatched to Brazil after we signed the initial acceptance report. The line is mainly used to produce FTTH cable and the sheath material can be PVC, LSZH, etc. We value our customer which is a state-owned enterprise and has many ye...Read more »

  • The Installation and Commissioning of Bow Twister
    Post time: May-22-2018

    On May 17 2018, our Ecuador customer signed the acceptance report in Ecuador after the success of installation and commissioning about the bow twister. The whole process went very well and our Ecuador customer are satisfied with the bow twister. This is the second time that our Ecuador customer h...Read more »

  • Delivery of Coiling and Thermal Shrinking Packing Machine to Algeria
    Post time: May-19-2018

    In may 2018, the coiling and thermal shrinking packing machine which is high efficient and reliable package system has delivered to Algeria smoothly. The coiling and shrinking packaging machine is used for flat cable and it can bring the perfect experience to the custome...Read more »

  • LINT TOP IN Düsseldorf
    Post time: Apr-30-2018

    From April 16 to 20, LINT TOP participated in 2018 Düsseldorf International Wire Exhibition. LINT TOP did plenty of preparation for the exhibition. LINT TOP attracted many customers to inquiry our products and gained more cooperation as usual. Optical Fiber Production Line is our main product for...Read more »

  • Dispatch of Bunchers to Algeria
    Post time: Apr-18-2018

    In early of January 2018, we received customer from Algeria to inspect LT630 and LT1000 bunching machines after production completely. As long as the customer needs, LINT TOP will do the best to meet. About LT630 bunching machine, the maximum speed of the twist bow can b...Read more »

  • Join the best-worldwide
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

    Join the best-worldwide Dear friends, we will meet again at the Düsseldorf International Wire and Cable Trade Fair ! Linttop ,2014 Düsseldorf exhibition ,2016 Brazilian exhibition, 2017 China exhibition,has showed high-quality equipment,unique corporate culture and strengthen competitiveness.L...Read more »

  • Quality inspection of Punching Bobbin
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

    July 15th, 2017, LINT TOP sent professional technical staffs to the factory inspection. The export of the product is punching bobbin. Dimension either according to customer’s specifications or GB4004-83,JB/T8997.4-1999,DIN46395 standard. For cable、steel wire、steel rope,copper、aluminum and wel...Read more »

  • Φ90+50 Extrusion line installed successfully
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

      Extruder sent to Ecuador,South America,has been installed successfully South America customer is a regular customer of LINTTOP and has been cooperation many times. The customer purchases equipment is Building Wire Extrusion Line.The results of this equipment to the customer is very satisfied wi...Read more »

  • Visit customers and discuss new projects
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

    In March 22nd, the sales representatives went to Algeria to visit customers.Our company has prepared a fine gift for the customers.Our representative visited the customer’s factory and discussed the equipment’s use with customers.In factories, we discussed new projects and equipment w...Read more »

  • Dispatch of Bobbin to Algeria
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

    On 28th, April and 8th, May, LINT TOP had exported 21 containers of bobbins in total, which marked the new high peak of our work. The total pieces of these bobbins approximate 2,000, and it is rare in domestic China.  Flat steel bobbin-PN1250   Double layer high speed steel bobbin-PND800   Baske...Read more »

  • Tube & Wire 2014-Düsseldorf, Germany
    Post time: Apr-16-2018

      From April 7th to 11th 2014, LINT TOP attend the Tube & Wire 2014 – International Wire and Cable Fair held by Messe Düsseldorf at Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany. On the fair, we showed below equipment: -Spark tester -Laser diameter gauge -Cold welding machine -Steel bobbin W...Read more »

  • Wire South America 2013-Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Post time: Apr-10-2018

      From Oct.1st to 3rd in 2013,LINT TOP attend the most famous Wire South America 2013 – International Wire and Cable Fair held by Messe Düsseldorf and its partner Grupo Cipa at Imigrantes Exposicoes Exhibition Centre in Sao Paulo,Brazil. This fair was estimated to attract around 200 ...Read more »

  • The Inspection of Drawing Machine
    Post time: Sep-18-2017

    In September 2017, LINT TOP sent our professional technical staff to carry out the inspection of LT24 fine wire drawing machine in the factory. Our professional technical staff signed the initial acceptance report about LT24 fine wire drawing machine whose maximum mechanical speed can reach to 24...Read more »

  • The Dispatch of Butt Welder to Algeria
    Post time: Jul-20-2017

    In July 2017, the UN-10A butt welder will dispatch to Algeria after we signed the initial acceptance report. UN-10A butt welding machine is widely used in wire drawing nails, wire and cable, enameled wire, wire rope factory and non-ferrous metal wire drawing industry.  UN-10A butt welding machine...Read more »

  • The Installation and Commissioning of Silicon core HDPE tube extrusion line
    Post time: Jun-25-2017

    In June 2017, our South African customer signed the acceptance report in South Africa after the successful installation and commissioning about the silicon core HDPE tube extrusion liner. HDPE silicon core tube is a new type of composite pipe with silica gel solid lubricant on the inner wall, whi...Read more »

  • The Inspection of Bobbin’s Quality
    Post time: May-25-2017

    In may 2017, our Algeria customers and our engineer carried out a inspection of double layer high speed bobbin. We mainly inspect the bobbin from these aspects: the size, the outer appearance, dynamic balance, the weight, welding process and etc. This series of bobbin are usually used for cables,...Read more »

  • The Inspection of Double Head Vertical Taping Machine
    Post time: May-16-2017

    On May 10 2017, our technical colleague carried out a quality inspection of taping machine. This double head vertical taping machine is designed for the special cable, applied to wrapping PTFE tape, aluminum tape, semi-directional tape, silver plated tape, especially applied to the tape with smal...Read more »

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