Low Voltage Power Cable Turnkey Project


The power industry is a basic industry for economic development. In the power system, power cable is a cable product that transmits and distributes high-power electrical energy in the main line, it is the nerve of the power system and plays a pivotal role in the whole transmission and distribution system.

Power cables can be divided into low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, ultra-high voltage and other products of different voltage levels. Among them, low-voltage power cables generally refer to the rated voltage of 0.6/1.0kV cable products, which are the most basic and widely used category of products in the entire power cable product category. Compared to higher voltage power cables, low-voltage power cables have a simple structure, fewer production processes, low investment in equipment and high demand for products. In view of these characteristics, low-voltage power cables have always been the preferred production product for new investment in cable plants in various countries.


Over the past decades, LINT TOP has carried out a large number of turnkey projects for low-voltage power cables in many countries and regions such as North Africa, South Africa and South America, and we have provided our customers with complete project services and technical support, mainly including: helping customers to design the detailed structure of the cable, helping customers to calculate the cable production capacity, reasonably allocating the number of production equipment, helping custom

equipment, helping customers to reasonably arrange the plant, providing a complete set of production equipment from drawing and annealing to the finished product packaging of a full set of production equipment, to provide all the testing equipment required for routine testing, sampling testing and type testing of cables, to provide all the auxiliary equipment, bobbins, moulds, etc., to provide the various raw materials required for cables, etc.

In the past we completed the whole plant project of low-voltage power cables, involving product types such as round, fan-shaped (straight fan-shaped, pre-twisted fan-shaped) armoured (steel wire armoured, steel belt armoured) and non-armoured cables; conductor cross-section mainly 630m2 and below; conductor category mainly class1, class2, class5; insulation cores (1 to 5) cores, mainly 4 cores and 5 cores, where 4 cores also include 3+1 cores, 5 cores also include 3+2 cores and 4+1 cores; involving product standards such as IEC 60502, DIN VDE0276.

2.Production process


3.The Turnkey Project Service

The following is an overview of LINT TOP's "turnkey projects" for a new cable plant in Africa during the period of 2020-2021.


(1) Cable product information

1) Reference standards: DIN VDE0295, DIN VDE0276
2) Product type: NAY, NYY, NAYBY
3) Conductors: copper (class1, class2, class5), round, fan-shaped; aluminium (class2), round
4) Insulation: PVC, XLPE
5) Sheathing: PVC
6) Cable construction
NAYBY: 4*16mm2~3*240+120 mm2
NAY、NYY: 4*1.5mm2~3*95+50 mm2

(2) Production equipment we provided

1)Drawing and annealing: 13-mode copper/aluminium large draw, 17-mode copper medium draw, 22-mode copper small draw
2)Conductor stranding: 630 wire bunching machine, 1250 wire bunching machine, 630/12+18+24 frame stranding machine
(3)Insulation extrusion: 80+50 extrusion line, 100+50 extrusion line
4)Cable formation: 1600/1+3 cradle cable formation
5)Inner liner and outer sheath extrusion: 100+50 extrusion line, 120 extrusion line
6) Armor: 2500 steel belt armouring line
7) Loop forming and packaging: LT1246 loop forming machine, 630 semi-automatic loop forming machine
8) Rewinding line: 630 rewinding line, 2500 rewinding line


(3) Testing equipment we provided

1) Vernier calipers
2) Micrometer
3) Cable diameter ruler
4) Digital bridge + bridge fixture
5) Voltage withstand tester (35.0kVA/7.0kV)
6) Wall thickness projector
7) Insulation resistance tester
8) Constant temperature water tank
9) Natural air exchange aging test chamber
10) Pneumatic specimen slicer and dumbbell knife mould
11) Slicing machine for specimen
12) Tension testing machine
13) Heat extension test device
14) High temperature pressure testing device
15) low temperature stretching, winding automatic intelligent testing machine
16) Cracking resistance winding (thermal shock) test device
17) vacuum drying oven
18) analytical balance (210g/0.1mg)
19) electronic scales (30kg/1g)
20) Single wire and cable vertical burning test machine

(4) Auxiliary equipment we provided

1) LTU-350TL UV laser printing machine
2) Dot welding machine
3) L3-B desktop cold welding machine (copper wire: 0.80-4.0mm; aluminium wire: 0.80-5.50mm)
4) LT-1D handheld cold welder (copper wire: 0.12-0.50mm; aluminum wire: 0.12-0.50mm)
5) Air compressor (LT55-8GA)
6) Water chiller
7) Water pump
8) Mould: wire drawing die, stranding die, extrusion die
9) bobbins (250 plastic bobbins, 630 double layer high speed bobbins, 800 double layer high speed bobbins, 1250 flat high speed bobbins, 1600 corrugated bobbins, 2200 corrugated bobbins, 2500 corrugated bobbins) etc.


In addition to providing the above equipment, we also have the professional ability to provide technical services, mainly including: project schedule design, production process, equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, material use advice, etc., to achieve full coverage of the entire turnkey project, can meet the full range of needs from raw materials directly out of the finished product, customers can skip the selection of equipment and understand the process and other tedious links, thus saving a great deal of time This saves time, energy and financial costs. Our production processes and equipment selection are based on the experience of over 7000 cable factories in China. Because of the consistent quality of our equipment, we have been selected by major international cable manufacturers such as NEXANS, Prysmian, Dordg, Elsewedy, Fujikura and many others. In addition to ensuring high quality, China's huge industrial system reduces costs, and the cables produced by customers using our equipment are inherently competitive in the market and can be a strong support for customers' rapid development.


LINT TOP is committed to the development of the global wire and cable industry, forge ahead, LINT TOP is always on the road, determined to become the global cable turnkey solution NO.1.