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From raw materials to cable

LINT TOP is a young and vital team. High efficient, timely, orderly, rigorous and work according to the process is our principle. On the way to improve our strength and customers' satisfaction, we will never stop exploring. We believe that with LINT TOP your wire and cables will be competitive in the market easily. LINT TOP will become your reliable partner on your way to be powerful.


LINT TOP is a global turnkey project supplier for wire and cable manufacturing all over the world. We can supply more than 40 kinds of wire and cable production facilities and optic fiber manufacturing equipment, which covers all the process of electrical cable and all the processing of optical fiber cable, including copper rod/ aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling, wire drawing, stranding, insulation extruder, cabling, metal sheath manufacturing,etc. Fiber drawing, fiber tension screening,optical fiber coloring, secondary coating, SZ stranding line, optic fiber cable sheath production, FTTH drop production line, etc.

As mentioned above, we are a turn-key projects supplier. Not only provide any single wire and cable production facility and technical support, but also have another advantage: We can supply a complete set of wire and cable manufacturing turnkey solutions about wire and cable production.

Since 2013, LINT TOP has undertaken a lot of wire and cable turnkey projects. Since then, we have been using our professional technology and rich experience to assist our customers in completing a large number of turnkey projects in dozens of countries and regions including Thailand, Algeria, Egypt, Brazil, Iran, etc. Those projects mainly include:

2021, Egypt, Low Voltage & High Voltage Power Cable Turnkey Project.
2021, Trinidad and Tobago, Low Voltage Cable Turnkey Project.
2020, South Africa, ABC (Aerial Bundled) Cables Project.
2020, Malaysia, Medium Voltage Power Cable System.
2019, Algeria, Solar Cable Project.
2019, South Africa, Skin-foam-skin Extrusion Line for CAT. 6A and CAT. 7 Cable.
2018, Ecuador, Building Wires and Cables Turnkey Project.
2018, Thailand, Turnkey Project for Low Voltage Cable.
2017, Brazil, Optical Fiber Cable.
2017, Macedonia, Low Voltage Copper Cable Project.
2017, Algeria, Transformer Project.
2016, Ecuador, 0.6 / 1KV Low Voltage Aluminum Cable.
2016, Vietnam, Copper Rod CCR Production Line.
2015, Iran, Low Voltage Cable, Communication Cable Project.
2014, Algeria, Building Wires and Cables Turnkey Project.
2013, Brazil, Fujikura OPGW Cable Project.


With decades of experience, we are able to provide customers with the most sustainable technical support and services.
Our high-quality services can better assist your development, and your good development will prompt us to provide you with continuous better services.
Our company has rich experience for these years, with a professional technical team, a sound management system, a good cash flow. And these are all necessary conditions to ensure the carry out of turnkey projects successfully.
We are a company that pays high attention to product quality and customer experience, and product quality control is always the first priority in our values. In recent years, our customer satisfaction has achieved very high, no after-sales basically.
In the decades of company development, we have established branches in North Africa, the Middle East, South America and other regions. If you need, the nearest branch team will be the first time to arrive at your site for a face-to-face discussion.


We can provide customers with complete services and support in the turnkey project, including:
1)Design the detailed cable structure according to your needs;
2) Provide a complete set of production equipment;
3) Provide a complete set of testing equipment;
4) Provide a complete set of auxiliary equipment, including air compressors, cooling towers, reels, welding machines, dies, etc.;
5) Provide a variety of raw materials required by the cable;
6) Assist you to complete the installation and commissioning of all production facilities to ensure that you can operate various equipment independently;
7) Design the most reasonable equipment layout for your plant size;
8) Provide the construction suggestions for the plant foundation;
9) Guide you when the technical problems encountered in the the process cable manufacturing.
Just need LINT TOP during the entire cycle of your investment and construction of cable factory. You do not need to spend a lot of time and energy in finding individual equipment supplier. Choosing us will minimize your time cost and risk.
We can offer you with new opportunities to make your business successful and grow. With our technology and services, you will always maintain a leading position in the competition.

Success Cases

Success-Cases (1)

Brazil*OPGW cable

Success-Cases (2)

Algeria*MV Cable

Success-Cases (3)

Ecuador*0.6 / 1KV Low Voltage Aluminum Cable

Success-Cases (4)

Algeria low-voltage cable, communication cable project

Success-Cases (5)

Algeria*Transformer project

Success-Cases (6)

Brazil*optical fiber cable

Success-Cases (7)

Macedonia Low Voltage Copper Cable Project

Success-Cases (8)

Algeria*Whole factory project for Low voltage cable

Success-Cases (9)

South Africa*Skin-foam-skin Extrusion Line for CAT. 6A and CAT. 7 Data Cable