Insulator Turnkey Project


In recent years, with the acceleration of economic development in North Africa, South America, Middle East and other regions, the construction of power grids has also increased. Power grid construction requires a large amount of power transmission and transformation equipment. As an indispensable part of power transmission and transformation equipment, insulators are in short supply in the market, and are constantly attracting various enterprises to enter this field.
Insulators are mostly installed on utility poles and high-voltage wire connection towers, and are placed between conductors of different potentials or between conductors and grounding components. The main function of insulators is to achieve electrical insulation and mechanical fixation. According to the different insulating materials used, it can be divided into glass insulators, ceramic insulators and composite insulators. According to different voltage levels, it can be divided into low-voltage insulators and high-voltage insulators.
LINT TOP has rich experience in insulator projects and can provide customers with complete project services, mainly including rationally configure the type and quantity of production equipment according to the customer's production capacity requirements, rationally plan and arrange workshops, provide a complete set of production equipment, assembly equipment, maintenance equipment and testing equipment from raw materials to finished product packaging, provide all required auxiliary equipment and various raw materials, etc.

2.Production Process


Taking glass insulators as an example, the production process flow is as follows:
ingredients→melting, clarifying→feeding→pressing→tempering→cold and hot shock→glued binding→conservation→semi-tensile test→packaging

3.Turnkey project services

The following is the "Turnkey Project" of glass insulators provided by LINT TOP for a region in North Africa in 2021.
(1)Insulator Product Information


(2)Production equipment we provide
1)Dosing systems (including weighing equipment, feeding and discharging equipment, lifting and conveying system, mixing system, dust removal system, storage system)
2)Kiln (thermal storage horseshoe flame pool furnace)
3)Forming equipment (including servo feeder, ten-station presses, machine for picking up material, equalising oven, tempering machine, automatic control system)
4)Conveying system (including longitudinal conveyor, transverse conveyor, pusher)
5)Cold and hot shock lines
6)Assembly line (including conveyor, cement feeder, cement clamp in machine, upper and lower pre-vibration units, cement height measuring machine, lower pre-vibration table, glass part grabbing machine, lower vibration machine)
7)Cleaning line (including conveyor, automatic scrubbers, blow dryer)
8)Maintenance line (including conveyor chain system, steam maintenance pool)
(3)Testing equipment we provide
1)semi-tensile testing machines
2)tensile and compressive testing machines
3)thermal vibration testing machines
4)coating measuring machines
5)locking pin checking devices
6)dimensional checking devices
7)deviation checking devices
8)temperature cycling testing machines
9)through stop gauges
10)frequency voltage test sets
11)steep wave impact testing equipment
12)universal material testing equipment
13)ion migration equipment
14)hot machine testing equipment
15)radio interference testers
(4)Auxiliary equipment we provide
1)CNC car
2)milling machine
3)drilling machines
4)sandblasting and polishing machine
5)welding machine
(5)Raw materials we provide
1)Potassium feldspar
3)limestone mine
4)Sodium carbonate
5)Potassium carbonate
6)barium carbonate
7)Sodium sulfate
While providing the above equipment and materials, we also provide technical services, including the formulation of project schedules, production process guidance, equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, material use suggestions and other turnkey projects. That is, from raw materials to finished products, customers can save a lot of time, energy and financial resources to choose equipment and understand the process. The selection of all production processes and equipment rely on the actual production experience of hundreds of insulators in China. While ensuring good quality, China's huge industrial system reduces costs, and the price of the insulators produced by customers using our equipment are competitive in the market, which is a prerequisite for the rapid development of customers.
LINT TOP is committed to the development of the global wire and cable industry, and strives to become the No.1 supplier of the turnkey project in wire and cable field.