LINT TOP Copper Wire Drawing Machine Facilitates Successful Copper Wire Production for the Algerian Company

Post time: Jun-21-2024   View: 12

Recently, a newly established wire and cable company in Algeria has taken an important step in the industry. Through the recommendation of domestic peers, they contacted LINT TOP and consulted in detail on the purchase of copper wire drawing machine.

After in-depth technical discussions, we clarified the customer's production needs and finally provided them with the most qualified equipment configuration, including 1 copper medium wire drawing machine, 2 copper fine wire drawing machines, and corresponding bobbins and auxiliary equipment.

In mid-May, LINT TOP's installation and commissioning engineers arrived at the customer's factory and first commissioning the copper medium wire drawing machine. Although there was a minor problem with the die during the process, our engineers solved the problem on the same day and successfully produced about 400kg of copper wire. Subsequently, the engineers commissioning 2 copper fine wire drawing machines. Although there was no problem with the equipment itself, the problems of low wire pay off speed and insufficient cooling water were found. LINT TOP's engineers gave customers a detailed explanation and provided corresponding solutions to ensure that the wire drawing machine can operate efficiently.

fine wire drawing machine

During the equipment commissioning process, the customer also consulted on the problem of take-up. Our engineers answered each of the questions in detail to ensure that customers can fully master the equipment operation skills and maintenance points.

This cooperation marks an important starting point for this new Algerian company in the field of wire and cable manufacturing. LINT TOP helps customers to smoothly start production and achieve efficient production with professional technical support and high-quality equipment configuration. We look forward to more cooperation with this new company in the future to jointly promote the development of the wire and cable industry.