An Order of High Voltage Test Equipment for Cables

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We have just received an order of test equipment from ELSEWEDY in Algeria. In fact we got their inquiry in February 2020.
As we all know that, ELSEWEDY is a world-renowned company, and we have established cooperation with them for many years.
This time, they asked the test equipment, and the requirements are as follows:
- High voltage cables up to 2000 mm2 cross sectional area copper and aluminum
- The test voltage according to IEC 2XU0  (U0 max = 87kv) – U=174 kv
-The test shall be carried out 20 cycles each heating and cooling cycle shall be held for at least 24 hours, a test voltage of 2U0 should be applied during the whole test period means that 20 days
-The cable length according to IEC around 20 TO 30 meters
-The maximum cable capacitance is around 12nF

Our team have provided the best solutions according to customers’ requirements:
The test system is composed of intelligent control panel, contract voltage regulator, epoxy bucket test transformer and high voltage divider.


This system has the following features:
-The testing voltage, current, withstand voltage time are pre-settable. It can be operated automatically and manually.
-The voltage can be regulated continuously; the wave form is with no distortion or abnormality.
With zero position function, voltage upper limit, low limit, over-current, over voltage breakdown protective function.
-The Alarm has sound and light.
-When the test is over, it can return to zero automatically.
-After withstand high voltage test, it can be discharged apace.
-It can be connected with internet, and transmit all the data to a computer.

Elsewedy also has a very professional team of engineers who carefully reviewed our technical proposal and passed the proposal in July.
We received this order in August. The equipment is now in production and will be delivered in November.

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