Successful Implementation in Egypt: LINT TOP Drum Twister 3600 Performs Flawlessly

Post time: May-07-2024   View: 10

We are delighted to officially announce that since May 2024, our Egyptian client's factory has been successfully operating the LINT TOP Drum Twister 3600. We extend our gratitude to all engineers involved in the project, especially our commissioning engineers who exhibited outstanding work overseas. They surmounted numerous challenges, collaborated closely with onsite workers, and swiftly resolved all mechanical and electrical issues related to the Drum Twister 3600. This once again underscores the professionalism and extensive experience of the LINT TOP team in various cable production equipment, enabling us to assist customers in saving costs through various means, such as reducing commissioning time and providing free training services to facilitate the production of qualified cables in a short time.

drum twister 3600

We also express appreciation to our customer for their attentive care of our engineers during the commissioning period. They arranged accommodations in a five-star hotel, provided three meals daily, and ensured transportation, exemplifying a classic international partnership transcending cultural barriers. Such spirit is not only commendable but also essential on a global scale, and we are pleased to have encountered such a customer. With this successful business case, we anticipate accelerated expansion in the Gulf region.

drum twister 3600

From research, discussions, price negotiations, manufacturing, to final commissioning of the Drum Twister 3600, this project spanned half a year, a duration shorter than anticipated by all parties. Representing the customer, LINT TOP meticulously inspected the entire production process to ensure perfection upon arrival. Customer satisfaction remains our primary goal, and our team is committed to maintaining focus on achieving this objective.